10 DIY Hairstyle Tutorials

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In mornings I like to save time. I skip all non-essential actions, and my hairstyle suffers from this. When I leave for work, I have one of two options how to arrange my hair:

  • just brush it and do nothing;
  • make a ponytail.

So when I look at all the fancy hairstyles on Pinterest, I wish that this could be me. That I could make time to braid my hair. Or that I at least knew how to braid it.

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Below I have collected 10 cool and inspiration tutorials of how to style hair. There are step-by-step instructions with pictures, so now there will be no excuse for not having a fancy hairstyle.

Waterfall braid

Found from Missy Sue

Three tiered high ponytail

Found from Lulus

Tuck and cover French braid

Found from Missy Sue

Double braid

Found from Hair Romance

Lace headband braid

Found from Missy Sue

Simple chignon

Found from Lulus

Braided ponytail

Found from Hair Romance

French braid ponytail

Found from Missy Sue

Winding side braid

Found from Lulus

Fuller and longer ponytail

Found from Desiree Hartsock

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