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Tired of eating a plain toast for breakfast? There are a lot of other options to choose from. See below some breakfast inspiration from egg-muffins to smoothies.

Healthy breakfast ideas and recipes Healthy breakfast ideas and recipes
Healthy breakfast ideas and recipes

Overnight oats

Found from Fitful Focus

If you like to take your breakfast with you, this is just the right thing. And if you don’t want to prepare breakfast in the morning, this is also the thing. Just fill the ingredients into a jar and refrigerate overnight.

Egg muffins

Found from Just a Taste

These muffins are high in protein and low in carbs. Just like an omlete, but you can take them with you more easily. And you can fill them with your favorite veggies – bell pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, you name it.


Found from One Good Thing

If you pre-cook scrambled eggs and bacon in the previous evening, it will take just a few minutes to prepare these fancy looking quesadillas on a busy morning.

Vegetable fritters

Found from Healthy Recipes

This veggie mix is for those slow mornings, when you have 25 minutes for breakfast preparation. You’ll need zucchini, carrots, eggs, garlic, scallions and a touch of flour. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Avocado toast

Found from The Lemon Bowl

This is not a simple toast. This is Instagram-worthy avocado toast. You can add cottage cheese for protein and some veggies for vitamins. This takes just 3 minutes to make.

Spinach Quiche Cups

Found from Manila Spoon

Gluten-free and low-carb. Just like the egg muffins, but with a different filling.

Stuffed tomatoes

Found from Sweet As Honey

Vegetables – check. Low-carb meal – check. Under 20 minutes to prepare – check. This might be the next thing that I should try for breakfast.

Yogurt popsicles

Found from I Heart Naptime

Popsicle isn’t a breakfast, you say? Well, it contains fruit, granola and Greek yogurt. That sounds like a breakfast to me.

Greek yogurt muffins

Found from Running With Spoons

These muffins can be made without oil or butter – again a low-carb combination. Yogurt and oats also mean that these muffins have a good amount of protein and fiber. You will not get hungry for a few hours after such breakfast.


Found from Damn Delicious

This is not a simple toast. This is a toast with eggs and … BACON! Maybe not the most healthy option here, but … BACON!

Metabolism boosting smoothie

Found from The Recipe Rebel

There is a secret blending liquid used in this smoothie. Is it milk? Is it juice? It wouldn’t be a secret, if I write it here. So open the recipe to find out!