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In the dark evenings of autumn and winter, some comfort food is required. Below you’ll find eleven quick and easy casserole recipes for those lazy evenings when you just want something filling.

1. Chicken bacon ranch casserole

This low-carb cheesy casserole consists only of 7 ingredients and can be assembled in 5 minutes. A great option for those on the Keto diet.

Chicken bacon ranch casserole

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2. Creamy mac and cheese casserole

Cheese in the sauce and cheese in the topping. What can be better than cheese? This casserole can be made ahead and frozen for later, if it doesn’t get devoured at the moment it’s ready.

Creamy mac and cheese casserole

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3. Cheeseburger casserole

If you wish a cheeseburger for dinner but want to try something new at the same time, this is your chance. All of the same flavors which you would expect in a cheeseburger you’ll find in this 30-minute casserole.

Cheeseburger casserole

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4. Cheesy crack chicken casserole

Chicken, bacon, and cheese. Is there any better combination? If you don’t feel like counting calories tonight, check out this recipe.

Cheesy crack chicken casserole

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5. Ravioli Bake

Imagine – just 3 ingredients and tastes like a lasagna. If you are a busy parent and still want to make something delicious for dinner, then this will be your go-to dish.

Ravioli Bake

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6. Ham and noodle casserole

A quick and easy weeknight recipe for a creamy casserole. The secret ingredient is a special sour cream sauce. It’s best served with some green salad, as there are no veggies in the casserole itself.

Ham and noodle casserole

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7. Broccoli cheddar chicken and rice casserole

However, if you want veggies in your casserole, then try this one with broccoli. It can be assembled ahead and baked up to 2 days later when you need a lazy evening without food preparation.

Broccoli cheddar chicken and rice casserole

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8. Southern baked pineapple casserole

People are divided over pizza with pineapple – is it good or outrageous? But what about a casserole with pineapple? Try it out and decide for yourself. This will be something different from the usual cheesy/pasta/meat that you’d expect in a dish like a casserole.

Southern baked pineapple casserole

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9. Buffalo chicken cauliflower casserole

Low carb casserole for those on the Keto diet. And the name is self-explanatory – it consists of cheese, chicken, cauliflower, and some other ingredients. Check the full recipe below!

Buffalo chicken cauliflower casserole

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10. Hamburger hashbrown casserole

Quick to assemble dinner idea for those who don’t have time for preparation for a full dinner. This casserole has meat, potatoes, cheese, and some other ingredients to make you feel full.

Hamburger hashbrown casserole

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11. Chicken alfredo bake

Casserole with a white creamy sauce, which is quite rich in calories, but equally tasty as well. The recipe can be prepared in two ways – to bake or to freeze. So this is a perfect dish for those of you who like to meal-prep.

Chicken alfredo bake

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