How to Automate Twitter from Your Smartphone

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Does it always seem that there is not enough time to do everything blog-related, or is it just me? If you are looking for ways to save time on your tasks related to social media and automate Twitter then this post is for you.

For a long time I checked Twitter quite randomly after my 9-5 job. I lost time on aimless browsing, and what I posted was without any strategy or overall topic.

After seeing some advice online I decided that I might try some scheduling apps. In the beginning I mostly used them on my laptop as a part of my daily routine of checking what has been happening online. And then I tried out the mobile versions for some of those apps.

Let me tell you, I was surprised.

One of the apps that I tried was intuitive, easy to use, free within certain limits, and so fast to use! Since installing the Crowdfire app on my phone I’ve barely opened it on my laptop. And I can sneak in my routine check-up on the go – during lunch / in the public transport / while waiting at the dentist / anywhere.

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Crowdfire app

Crowdfire app is meant for social media management. You can connect Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin to it, but I mainly use it for Twitter.

The app has a little bit more options to filter the Twitter accounts that you might want to follow or un-follow, and offers several options for scheduling tweets in advance. It can even suggest content for you to tweet based on your interests and previously shared tweets.

Content scheduling

Social media for the people that have blogging as a side-hustle is a bit too demanding. It seems that you always have to be online, always have to post something to reach the right audience at the right time.

But here’s the thing.

You don’t have to be always online. You can batch-prepare your tweets in advance, and choose the best time when they would be posted.

And what is cool with the Crowdfire app is that it can automatically calculate what is the best posting time for your account to reach the best exposure and engagement. 

In the image below is one of my tweets that is being scheduled.

If you plan to share your blog posts on Twitter, you might also like this post, which explains how to automatically show the featured picture from your blog posts in Twitter cards.

You don’t always have to come up with original content to share with your followers. If you stumble upon some relevant article, you can share that with your audience as well. This is a win-win: you can boost your karma points by sharing some other blogger’s article, and your audience gets some useful information in their feed.

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And in Crowdfire you can get a personalized queue of articles that are suggested for you to share. This can potentially save some time if you are struggling to come up with your own content for tweets.

Crowdfire has a list of tweets that you have published in the past.

Why is that useful?

An average tweet lives around ten minutes, and then gets lost in the overflowing sea of newer tweets. 

What if only a small amount of your followers saw a tweet about your newest post? Wouldn’t it be good to give a chance for the other followers to see the info about the new post as well?

You can easily do that by rescheduling an already published tweet to go out in some other time, so that it could reach other parts of your audience.

Follower management

There are a lot of options for follower management, which can be used in more sophisticated ways than to just play the follow/unfollow game. 

Some interesting statistics here that you can’t easily see on Twitter is the recent unfollowers. You might want to check this trend if you start posting something that you usually don’t share, so that you could see how your followers react to changes.

I usually like to check my inactive following. If I have followed someone, and after some time they stop tweeting, I might consider unfollowing. If they aren’t sharing any content, then I might as well not follow them.

If you are looking for new people to follow, Crowdfire can find them for you. Just provide some relevant keywords of topics that you are interested in, and the app will show a list of related twitter accounts.

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In addition, the people whom you are already following will not be visible here. Only the ones that you would potentially want to follow will be listed.

Check out Crowdfire by clicking this link! You can try it out by scheduling your next 10 tweets right now.

Your turn

Have you used a scheduling app for your social media? Which one have you used and how did you like it? Was it helpful?

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7 thoughts on “How to Automate Twitter from Your Smartphone”

  1. Gloria Clifford

    The biggest problem I used to face in maintaining my Twitter account was my irregularity in tweets. I started searching for an automation tool, and then I discovered Wizugo is the right tool for those who are unable to give time to their Twitter account. All it needs is a five-minute setup, and you are free to go, Wizugo will take care of the rest.

    1. Cool, this tool looks very similar to Crowdfire, except it can even choose the tweets to publish in your place. I’ll be sure to try the 7 day free trial.
      As for Crowdfire, I like that the free trial is endless, and it just restricts the count of actions that you can do. I still want to choose the tweets I publish on my own, and let them be scheduled over time. It’s ok for me to do that once in a few days, if it means that I can use the tool for free.

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