63 Blog Post Ideas For Summer

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Summertime is a great opportunity to blog about seasonal topics that your readers will be interested in! Here are 56 blog post ideas to help you get started.

Whether you’re looking for content ideas for your personal blog or for a client, you’re sure to find something here that will inspire you. From summer recipes to travel tips to fun activities for kids, we’ve got you covered!

The summer blog post ideas are divided into themes so that it would be easier for you to find what you would wish to write about.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, but feel inspired to write about some of these topics, check out my guide on how to easily start a new blog.

You might also find useful these lists of blog post ideas about other topics:

63 summer blog posts you can write

Lifestyle blog post ideas

If you’re looking for blog post ideas that will help you connect with your readers on a deeper level, you’ll love the list of lifestyle blog post ideas below. From personal stories to tips and tricks, these posts will help your readers get to know you better and learn more about what makes you tick.

  1. How to enjoy summer while staying healthy
  2. The best way to spend a summer day
  3. 5 easy tips for a fun and stress-free summer vacation
  4. How to beat the heat without breaking the bank
  5. 10 must-have items for your summer beach bag
  6. What to pack for a road trip in the summer
  7. How to keep your kids entertained during the summer break
  8. Fun ideas for family reunions this summer
  9. 25 things you can do this summer that are free or cheap
  10. Outdoor activities for kids
  11. Best summer home decorations
  12. Summer party ideas
  13. A summer staycation with a family: ideas to beat the boredom
  14. How to keep cool on a hot day
  15. What to add to your summer playlist
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Fashion blog post ideas

If you blog about fashion and want to blog more, here are some blog post ideas that can give you inspiration.

  1. The best summer dresses for every body type
  2. Tips on how to dress up your casual clothes
  3. How to create the perfect mixed bag wardrobe with just one budget
  4. 10 fashion and beauty products that are worth the splurge
  5. 5 ways to wear accessories in a new way this summer
  6. ‍5 hair trends that are popular right now
  7. How to style your hair for different summer events
  8. Hairstyles for hot weather
  9. The best SPF products
  10. What to wear for the beach this summer
  11. Music festival outfit ideas
  12. The best place to buy unique summer accessories
  13. Summer skincare routine

Travel blog post ideas

Travel blog post ideas are an excellent way to share your travel stories and experiences with other people who love traveling. Make them summer-specific to capture the people looking for what to do in the summer.

  1. The best places to travel if you’re on a budget
  2. The best national parks in the US to visit in the summer
  3. A guide to camping in the summer
  4. Top tips for packing light
  5. How to beat jet lag
  6. The best places to eat on a budget
  7. The best beaches in the world
  8. The most beautiful cities in the world to visit in the summer
  9. The most popular tourist traps and how to avoid them
  10. The best rooftop bars in (insert city here)
  11. Where you can take the kids camping this summer
  12. Summer bucket list activities in the USA
  13. The best places to beat the summer heat
  14. What to do in your city in the summer
  15. Summer road trip essentials
  16. A guide to the best camping spots in your area
  17. Where to travel for cheap in the summer period
  18. Summer activities in your area for $45 or less
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Food blog post ideas

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy all of your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables. From juicy peaches to crisp tomatoes, there are countless ways to enjoy the bounty of the summer harvest. Here are 15 food blog post ideas to help you make the most of summer produce:

  1. Seasonal fruit and vegetable guide: Share your favorite summer fruits and vegetables, along with tips on how to select and store them.
  2. Summer produce recipes: Get creative in the kitchen with your favorite summer fruits and vegetables. Share your recipes with readers!
  3. Farmers’ market guide: Introduce readers to your local farmers’ markets and share your tips for finding the best produce.
  4. Farm-to-table dining: Highlight the best places to visit in your surrounding area
  5. 15 easy summer BBQ recipes that will wow your guests
  6. The tastiest frozen treats to cool you down this summer
  7. A guide to making your own ice pops
  8. 12 refreshing cocktails perfect for summer parties
  9. 10+ ideas for snacks, appetizers, and desserts that are perfect for picnics
  10. Summertime recipes from around the world
  11. How to make sangria
  12. How to keep your food cool while at the beach
  13. Healthy low-calorie recipes to keep the summer body
  14. Quick and easy summer fruit salad recipes
  15. Grilling recipes the kids will love
  16. Lemonade recipes
  17. How to stay hydrated this summer

How do I start a blog?

If you are new to the blogging world and want to share your experience as a mother with others, then starting a blog is a good idea. There are many other advantages to blogging, e.g. you can have a blog as a creative outlet while watching after your children. Or you can turn your blogging business into a nice side income.

Here are basic steps for starting a blog:

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Why seasonal blog posts are important?

As the weather heats up, so does the pressure to deliver fresh, seasonal content on your blog.

But why is it so important to have summer-specific blog posts?

For one thing, it shows that you’re paying attention to current trends and events. Seasonal content also helps to keep your readers engaged since they can easily relate to the topics you’re writing about.

And let’s not forget that summer is a time when people are generally more active and outdoorsy, giving them more opportunities to stumble upon your blog while they’re searching for information on the latest hiking trail or swimming hole.

So if you want to make the most of summertime web traffic, be sure to whip up some fun, seasonal content for your blog. Trust us, your readers will thank you!

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Canva – is the easiest graphic design tool to create images for each social media platform. It offers free templates and built-in image sizes for the biggest platforms, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time designing beautiful designs that attract potential readers to your blog.

Surfer SEO extension for Chrome – a great way how you can see in the Google search results how many people have searched this phrase in the previous month. By checking this you can make sure that you don’t waste time by writing blog posts on topics no one is searching for.

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