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You can look good in travel photos even with a face mask. There is no shortage of great mask designs for every taste. Just be careful and protect yourself and others around you!

When looking to buy a new face mask online pay attention to its description. Usually, they have a specific use for which the masks are meant for. Generally, the face masks protect against air-borne dust, the cold, wind, and UV rays from the sun. Medical masks will have this use mentioned in their descriptions.

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Please choose the appropriate mask depending on your your activities!

Watercolor pink roses

1 layer face mask designed and hand made in America. It’s machine-washable and meant to be reused.

Sunflower mask with a replaceable filter

Lightweight and breathable face mask with a cute design. It’s made of a moisture wicking fabric which transfers heat and humidity away from your body. This makes it perfect for outdoor activities.

Spring flowers with a replaceable filter

Soft and comfortable mask made of lightweight and breathable material. It dries quickly thus making you cool. The mask doesn’t have a filter, but the fabric is double-layered.

Decorative Floral Patterns

Smooth, silky and stylish face mask with a great design. It’s made from 100% cotton and is reusable and machine washable. Not intended for use as a medical device.

Colorful drawings

This face mask is made of poly microfiber and can be hand-washed only. It’s breathable and durable.

Long mask with an ear design

Cute face mask made of polyester. It dries quickly and is easy to wash. This mask protects your nose, mouth, and neck from the sun/UV/dust/wind.

Galaxy mask

This cute face mask is made of high-quality cotton and is great for sporting, running, hiking, climbing, and other activities. It has double layer protection against the dust.

Flowers and a dragonfly

Mouth mask for sporting, running, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities. It’s made of cotton and can be reused.

Cute sea turtles

This face mask is made of soft, practical and durable polyester. It’s meant to protect you from dust, UV rays, cold, and wind. The mask is washable and reusable.

Curved fit mysterious black

Reusable cloth face mask with a special curved fit for more security. An optional filter can be inserted for additional layer of filtration.