Easy Ways How to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

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As a new blogger, I am always looking for new ways how to promote my blog posts. And since blogging is my hobby, I don’t want to spend a ton of money to do that. And it turns out that there are so many effective ways of how you can let your readers know that you have created one more awesome blog post.

Social media

So you have created the most awesome blog post ever. And you want to let other people to know about it. What is the best way of doing it? You guessed it right – social media.


Pinterest is one of the most popular tools for bloggers to get more traffic to their page. It is a visual search engine that allows to share your post not only on your personal boards, but on group boards as well. There are tons of advice out there about Pinterest and ways of sharing the content there.

One thing to remember is that the content that you share on Pinterest will always be visible there. It might take some weeks or months for a pin to gain more popularity. But it is entirely possible that a pin that you have shared a year ago will start to lead new readers to your blog post right now.

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Facebook is a little bit tricky for new bloggers. If you create a new page for your blog and don’t share to your friends, it will be hard to reach a wider audience. But once you gain more followers, Facebook is a great tool to let them know about your new content. Anyways, it’s easy to press the share button for Facebook, so why not?


Twitter feed goes by fast. As in REALLY fast. So the advice here is that you share your new blog posts to Twitter several times to ensure that a wider audience can read them.

There are a lot of automatic tools that allow you to schedule tweets. However, they mostly aren’t free. As I’m not very active on Twitter, I have set up automatic posting rule. My new blog posts are shared only once on Twitter. From this experience I can say that it is quite useless, not many visitors come to my blog from Twitter. But on the other hand – I haven’t invested any time to grow my Twitter following.


It is possible to add a link in your Instagram bio to your blog. Then if you mention that you have a new post under an Instagram picture, it is possible to gain some traffic. As I have noticed, this is especially effective for food and fashion bloggers.

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Several people reveal Google+ as a super secret traffic booster. Personally I haven’t shared that much to Google+, but hey, it’s free and there is nothing to loose.


StumbleUpon is like a feed of content that people read according to their interests. It’s a bit similar to Pinterest – once you share your blog post to StumbleUpon, you might get visitors to your site even months after the initial share.


This is like a Pinterest, but only for bloggers. I find it useful not only for sharing my own content, but for getting inspiration as well. I have followed many travel bloggers, and it is always interesting to read about their adventures. It is a great way hoe to inspire myself about the way people create content.

Email newsletter

Many experienced bloggers say that email list is the best tool to promote any content. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that people have willingly subscribed to get notifications from you. Smart feeds in social media might even skip your shared content, and it reaches only a small portion of your followers. Email reaches all of subscribers (if they open and read it).

And for your audience to be interested in email newsletters, you have to provide some additional value there. You may share some advice or resources, give some more personal touch to the newsletter. Otherwise people might just get bored with plain notifications on new posts and unsubscribe.

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Your turn

Which of these ways how to promote blog posts have you tried? What other ways you would suggest for people to try?

Easy and free ways how to promote blog posts

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