Ezoic Review: 2 Years After Joining

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A few years ago I turned on ads on this blog. At first, it was Google Adsense that earned my first cents from the travel articles that I was writing. Later, I switched to Ezoic. I haven’t moved to anything else since then, and in this post, I’ll explain why.

My Ezoic review is based on more than 2 years of experience in using the platform. It’s not easy to make money online, but Ezoic ad income is a great place where to start for a small blog.

Ezoic dashboard with daily earnings

What is Ezoic?

Many blogs earn money by displaying advertisements to their readers. As the content is free of charge, there has to be some way for the creators to earn money for their work, and displaying ads is one of the most popular blog monetization methods.

There are many platforms that connect bloggers with advertisers. One of the most popular ones is Google Adsense, but there are many others that pay more to bloggers for the same amount of ads displayed on the blog.

Ezoic is an ad platform that uses artificial intelligence to place advertisements on your blog in such a way that maximizes your earnings. It also measures the performance of the ad placement and optimizes them to earn more revenue – and all of that is done automatically.

If that sounds too good to be true, I was certainly skeptical at first too. However, after giving it a try, I have to say that I’m impressed with what Ezoic ad network is able to do. Not only does it make it easy to Optimize your ad layouts, but it also provides detailed reports on the performance of those changes. Best of all, it’s all automatic – so you can set it and forget it.

Who can join Ezoic?

One of the best things that I love about Ezoic is that there is a minimum of page views or sessions to join Ezoic – it’s open for new bloggers as well as experienced ones.

So if you have just started a blog and are considering the ways of monetization, Ezoic is the way to go. It has one of the highest rates that you can get for your ad space.

How much can you earn from Ezoic?

Your potential earnings from Ezoic mainly depend on two things: how many visitors your blog gets and what EPMV your content is worth.

You can get 0 cents, and you can also potentially get thousands of dollars per month.

What is EPMV? How is EPMV calculated?

EPMV stands for earnings per thousand visitors, and it’s a metric that is used to assess the profitability of a website. In short, it tells you how much money a site is making for every thousand visitors that it receives.

To calculate EPMV, simply divide the total amount of revenue that a site generates by the number of visitors that it receives. The answer will give you an estimate of how much each visitor is worth to the site in question.

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EPMV = Total earnings / (visitors / 1,000)

Of course, there are a number of factors that can influence EPMV, such as the type of product or service that a site sells and the conversion rate of its visitors. However, at its core, EPMV is a simple and effective way to gauge the profitability of any given website.

How much does Ezoic pay for 1000 impressions?

EPMV in the scope of Ezoic means how much money will Ezoic pay you for 1000 visitors (not page views) to your blog.

For this blog, Ezoic will pay $9.08 for every 1000 visitors in June 2022.

This number depends on the content niche that you are writing in, as well as the time of the year when those visits are happening.

For example, if you are writing about finances, affiliate marketing, and reviewing online services, then the EPMV is likely to be higher than when you are writing about traveling to a less popular destination.

And during the last quarter of the year before Christmas, the EPMV also tends to be higher, as companies spend more money on ads advertised before Christmas.

Payments from Ezoic received in PayPal

Ezoic income report for Wandernity.com

Ezoic earnings vary for this blog from month to month depending on the seasonality. Here are the earnings generated in 2022:

  • January: $10.58
  • February: $15.09
  • March: $16.15
  • April: $23.79
  • May: $26.56

The minimum payment threshold is $20. If you don’t have enough earned in one month, Ezoic keeps the money until you accumulate the minimum payout amount.

Why I’m still with Ezoic?

There are many reasons, why I am still using Ezioc and probably will continue to do so. Below you’ll find just some of them.

Ezoic support is great

Ezoic has been an amazing support system for me. They are always quick to respond to any questions I have, and they are always willing to help me troubleshoot any problems I am having. Ezoic has also been a great resource for me when it comes to learning new things about SEO and website design.

Ezoic doesn’t have a minimum page views requirement to join

Ezoic is a great way to monetize your website without having to worry about minimum page views. You can start earning revenue right away, and there’s no need to wait until you reach a certain number of page views.

When the pandemic hit my traffic was way down. With Ezoic I don’t have to be worried about how many visitors I get.

Ezoic has a low payout threshold

With just $20 as a payout threshold, you can quickly start to get some payments from your blog traffic. This is achievable by beginner bloggers, and it gives motivation and resources to continue to grow.

Ezoic dashboard is pleasant to use

It’s easy to follow how much money you have made each day.

You can also easily see all the settings that there are and they are understandably explained. With just a few clicks you can adjust how the Ezoic AI shows the ads on your blog.

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Ezoic display ads don’t decrease the site speed

Loading multiple ads on a blog may take time and decrease the site speed, which is one of the Core Web Vitals and really important for ranking higher on Google.

Thankfully, Ezoic ads decrease the site speed very minimally, the Google speed test barely notices the change after you turn on the Ezoic monetization.

I can control the user experience by adjusting the ad amount

It’s possible to optimize ads for revenue or for user experience.

You can actually choose to display fewer and more relevant ads. People will find these ads less annoying and, hopefully, even useful enough to click on.

Also, the ad location has an impact on user experience. With smart ad optimization Ezoic can decrease the negative impact that showing ads has on your readers.

Ezoic big data analytics for valuable search terms

How can I increase my Ezoic earnings?

There are many ways how you can increase your ad revenue. If you already have Ezoic, there are many ways how to adjust the settings to get the most out of your existing blog traffic.

But if you wish to see more substantial growth, the most important thing you can do is to create more content on your blog. And not just any content, but blog posts with these three specific targets.

Get more visitors

Anyone who’s ever tried to get more traffic to their blog knows that it can be a frustrating process. You pour your heart and soul into writing quality content, but somehow the numbers never seem to add up.

If you’re looking for ways to attract more visitors to your site, one of the simplest things you can do is write more blog posts. By increasing the frequency of your postings, you’ll not only have more opportunities to rank in search engine results, but you’ll also give yourself a better chance of being discovered by new readers.

Of course, quality is still key—no one wants to read a blog that’s full of fluff or regurgitated information. But if you focus on keywords that have low difficulty and high search volume, and if you structure your posts around long-tail keywords, you’ll be well on your way to attracting more visitors than ever before.

Target higher paying keywords

If you’re looking to increase your earnings per 1000 pageviews (EPMV), the best place to start is by targeting higher-paying keywords. By targeting keywords that are in demand and have high CPCs, you can significantly increase your EPMV.

You can check in Ezoic big data analytics which existing keywords are the highest paying now and choose to write the next blog posts about similar topics.

There are also paid keyword research tools that can give you an estimate of how much the keywords are worth. Even if you have a small niche site, you may discover that some topics are more profitable to write about.

Target countries with higher EPMV

Write content in English and for countries like USA, UK, or Australia, where you know that the advertising market is enormous and companies have money to spend on ads.

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If you are writing posts that people from these countries are searching for, you’ll have a greater chance to earn more money.

Frequently asked questions

Is Ezoic company legit?

Yes. I’ve been using Ezoic for more than 2 years now and have received payments on time every month when my blog had reached the payout threshold.

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

Yes. In my experience, it took months to get the first payment from Adsense, while with Ezoic I got paid in the same month when I applied to it. Ezoic pays more than Adsense for the same amount of ads displayed, and Ezoic has a payout threshold of $20 compared to Adsense’s €70.00. Adsense revenue was so much harder to get.

What does Ezoic cost?

Ezoic is free to join.

Do I need AdSense for Ezoic?

No, you don’t have to be signed up to Adsense to join Ezoic. However, if you are, it can be integrated with your Ezoic account.

Does Ezoic increase traffic?

Joining Ezoic on its own doesn’t increase traffic. Ezoic shows ads, so it may even decrease your page views if you didn’t have any other ads on your blog previously. However, Ezoic comes with some tools that may help you increase the traffic if you use them. Leap can improve your Core Web Vitals. You can use analytics to find new topics to write about. You can activate Ezoic’s CDN to improve site speeds. And much more.

How long does Ezoic take to approve?

Once you submit your application, it takes 24-48 hours for Ezoic to approve.

Does Mediavine pay more than Ezoic?

In some niches, yes. Ezoic has a level system, where you can get access to higher-paying ads as your traffic increases. When the visitor amount to your blog is the same as the minimum requirements for applying to Mediavine, the Ezoic revenue is also quite similar to what you’d get from Mediavine. For lower traffic sites the EPMV is a bit lower, but they couldn’t get into Mediavine anyway so it is not an alternative.

Do Ezoic ads decrease the site speed?

Yes, but very minimally. Here you can see the experiment of turning on Ezoic ads, turning on Ezoic Leap, and seeing the difference in site speed.

What happens to the user experience when I turn on ads?

There’s no question that ads can be annoying. But what if there was a way to ensure that ads were actually beneficial to the user experience? Ezoic is a company that uses machine learning to optimize ad placements on websites. By constantly testing different ad layouts and placements, Ezoic is able to provide users with the most relevant and unobtrusive ads possible. As a result, users are more likely to stay on the site longer, and they’re also more likely to click on ads that are actually relevant to their interests. In other words, Ezoic doesn’t just make ads less annoying; it also makes them more effective. And that’s good for everyone.

Join Ezoic and find out how much you can earn!

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