Facebook Groups for New Bloggers to Promote Your Blog

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When you are just starting out your blogging journey, it may get lonely. You may want a blogging advice from real people who have overcome the problems that you have. Or you have published great posts, but no one reads them, so you want to build an engaged following for your blog. Facebook groups for new bloggers might be an answer to your struggles.

There are uncountable groups on Facebook, which may make it hard to choose the right ones. Below is a list of groups that I have joined and found active and useful.

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Blogging related groups generally aim to provide support and community for new bloggers and an option to promote their posts. If you are just starting out, sharing your newest posts on Facebook groups may bring the majority of your readers to your blog.

There are several other great ways to promote your blog for free. For example, adding beautiful images to your blog posts and sharing them on Pinterest may bring new visitors to your posts even years after they have been pinned.

Blog + Biz Babes

Join Blog + Biz Babes here >>

Show Your Blog Love

Join Show Your Blog Love here >>

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Blogging Babes and Business Bosses

Join Blogging Babes and Business Bosses here >>

The Blogging Squad

Join The Blogging Squad here >>

The Blogging Crew

Join The Blogging Crew here >>

Boost Your Blog

Join Boost Your Blog here >>

Blogger Insights

Join Blogger Insights here >>

Boss Girl Bloggers

Join Boss Girl Bloggers here >>

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Join Bloggers Supporting Bloggers here >>

New Bloggers Support Group

Join New Bloggers Support Group here >>

Your turn

Have you used Facebook groups for blogging advice or your post promotion? Did you find them effective? Are you a member of some other Facebook groups related to blogging that you would suggest to others?

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