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Looking at the list of my email inbox I’ve noticed that there are quite many offers of free blogging tools/templates/challenges/webinars. It’s cool that there is so much free stuff out there, but it takes time to go through it all. 

So how to know if a free thing offered on the internet is worth your time?

Personally, of all the free stuff I like webinars the best. And here is my reasoning:

A good webinar is value-packed

The idea behind the majority of free webinars is to try to sell you a product. Have you noticed how at the end of a webinar there is usually a special offer, and all webinar is building up to offering you something to buy?

The good thing is that the hosts understand – people won’t just listen to a sales presentation for hours. The audience will always want to know – what’s in it for them, why should they spend their time to listen to some online entrepreneur.

So here comes the good part. Webinars are actually value-packed. Between the introductions and the product offer at the end, there’s usually some valuable insight or tip that can actually help the listeners.

I like to get these nuggets of wisdom by joining online webinars. And luckily it’s quite easy to see from the registration pages what exactly will the participants learn in the webinar, so it’s easy to understand if the topic aligns with my interests and is worth the time.

It’s a good source for learning

If you are interested in online business, webinars are a great learning experience. And I’m not talking about just the content.

How the webinar is organized is also a valuable lesson. For anyone planning to create a digital product like an eBook or an online course, a webinar could be a great selling tool. 

And what is one of the best ways to learn how to use this tool?

By looking at what others do.

When I’m attending a webinar, I pay attention not just to the content, but I also check out the slide deck that is used, how the topics follow each other (introduction -> some personal story -> value-packed content -> limited time product offer), and how the creator is using video-audio/presentation tools.

There are different strategies for how the webinars are executed and it’s nice to see what are the most used elements that I might also feel comfortable using if I ever decide to hold my own webinar.

It’s free

I like free stuff.

What’s the worst that could happen if I join a webinar? I might lose some minutes of my time if I actually don’t like the webinar. But I can leave at any point, so it’s not that much.

But the potential gains? 

I could gain some knowledge for free that I didn’t know before. I could learn from good or bad examples of how to create a webinar. I might even consider buying the product that the organizator is offering if I feel that I can trust its value and need the transformation promised by it.

Free webinars you might be interested to try out

There are two free webinars coming up at the beginning of next week:

  • Blogging without Limits: How to Redefine Your Blog’s Potential by Adapting to the Latest Industry Changes
  • Blog What You Know: The 3 Keys to Taking Your Life’s Biggest Challenges and Turning Them into a Thriving Blog

Personally I’m interested in this point covered in the second webinar: “Build a high traffic blog without creating a ton of content”. Recently I’ve been struggling to find time to create more content for my blog, so it would be useful to know what should I focus on when I actually have time.