How Bloggers Made Money in October, 2017

Make money blogging

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There are many people out there, who can make money by blogging. Yeah, it’s possible to receive admirable income by writing content about the things you are passionate about. Sounds like a dream job? At least for me, it does.

It is always interesting to read income reports. Many bloggers publish their income numbers monthly, and I’m always keen to read them for inspiration. One good thing is that income reports give an inspiration and a sense of reality – that it is actually possible to write a blog and earn a decent amount of income from it.

Another thing that income reports give us is an opportunity to learn. By going through several reports, it’s interesting to see the common patterns of how money is made blogging.

There are several categories how an income from a blog can be divided. In this post, I’ll try to go through income reports from several bloggers to see, what are the main sources of income for them.

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Below are income reports from 10 bloggers. They are listed by the amount of money that they made.

The Mastermind Within – $1.83

2,682 page views in October, smallest blog in this roundup.

Advertisements: Google AdSense 1.83

A Fresh Start on a Budget – $411

Karissa from A Fresh Start on a Budget shares her income report, as well as blog traffic report.

Advertisements: Mediavine: $246

Sponsored posts: $110

Affiliate income: $55

Life And My Finances – $1,054.20

Derek writes about money, saving for retirement and passive income. He has been blogging for 7 years.


  • Google Adsense: $23.45
  • $0.00
  • MyFinance: $135.25

Affiliate income:

Direct ads: $842.50

This Fair Tale Life – $1,463.86

Traffic and income report from Mindy, who writes about Disneyland weddings.


Sponsored posts:

  • Content – $50.00
  • Tweets (Izea) – $0.17

Affiliate income:

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Nerdy Organized – $1,755

Michelle from Nerdy Organized helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs grow their businesses with actionable marketing and blogging tips.

Affiliate income:

Freelance writing clients: $1,517.18

Sewrella – $7,791.93

A crochet designer/crafter/all-around maker shares her income, expenses and traffic report.

Advertisements: AdThrive: $4,333

Sponsored posts: $1,475
Affiliate income:

The Endless Meal – $7,947.32

Kirsten is a recipe blogger and chef. She shares traffic, income, and expenses.


  • Adthrive – $5,504
  • Viglink – $93.32

Sponsored posts: $2,350

40 aprons – $9,650.26

The food 40 aprons blog is sharing, how much traffic and income they got in October.


  • Mediavine: $664.73
  • Adthrive: $4882

Sponsored posts: $2600
Affiliate income: Amazon Affiliate sales: $232.79

Freelance food photography: $944
Sales: $326.74

Making sense of cents – $136,829.30

Making sense of cents is a blog about finance, saving money and full-time travel. Michelle, the author of the blog, has astonishing results from affiliate income and she teaches others how to succeed in her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

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Smart Passive Income –  $145,511.70

Pat Flynn shares strategies about online business and ways to earn passive income. His income report has the highest number of income and the deepest level of detail. Coincidence? I don’t think so. If you are interested to see this uber-precise income report, head to the Smart Passive Income site and see for yourself.

Your turn:

Do you own a blog? Does it provide any income? Would you be comfortable to share your income from a blog online?


7 thoughts on “How Bloggers Made Money in October, 2017

    1. Thanks for sharing the income reports! It’s always interesting to see the journey of earning money from the beginning. I’ve just started my blog, so I don’t have access to some of the options of people earning several thousands of dollars a month. So it’s nice to learn from other’s experience on what works and what doesn’t.

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