How To Monetize a Blog Automatically

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You don’t have to have thousands of page views to start to monetize a blog. There are many ways for how bloggers can make money online. In this post, I’ll cover some of the blog monetization strategies that can be easily automated.

Imagine, you write a new blog post, and you don’t have to think much about how to earn money with it. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

However, there is a small catch. Each of the listed methods requires some pre-work or at least some regular posting strategy on your blog. The blog monetization methods below are ordered from the ones requiring the least effort to automatize to the ones where the pre-work can get quite extensive.

Join an ad network

One of the easiest ways how to automatically start making some money with your online business is by joining an ad network.

Now, this is a controversial topic for new bloggers.

On the one hand, if you don’t have much of an audience, you will want for any blog visitors to have a great reading experience so that they would read longer, click around, and return for more. Some suggest that enabling ads is a good idea only if you exceed 25 or 30k page views per month.

On the other hand, there are some ad networks with a low joining threshold. This means you can start earning some cents even if you have only around 10 blog posts and less than a hundred visitors to your blog in a day. Even though the amount that you’ll earn will be like $0.17 per month, it can be the motivation you need to keep on going and growing in the blogging business.

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One of the generic roadmaps that I have seen several bloggers go through is joining ad networks in this sequence:

  • When you are just starting out, Adsense is quite an easy network to join and get those first cents or dollars
  • When you reach 10k page views per month, then you might consider upgrading to Monumetric. Even though they have a joining fee, the average money that you can get for a thousand page views is generally considered to be considerably higher than in Adsense
  • When you reach 25k sessions per month, then you can join Mediavine

Do affiliate marketing with Skimlinks

Affiliate marketing is usually advertised as a passive income. However, it can take some work to create the initial blog posts with the links that earn you those sweet affiliate commissions.

The usual route is that you should wind some affiliate products that you would want to recommend to your audience and join their programs. There are also some bigger networks like ShareASale, where you have access to multiple merchants from a single platform. Or the affiliate marketing classics – the Amazon affiliate program. And each of these then requires you to link to the product that you are writing about with your own unique link so that they could track and clicks and reward you for any purchases your readers will make. Which might become a lot of work.

The automatic solution for this is Skimlinks. You can install a plug-in on your WordPress blog, and they will automatically convert any product links into affiliate links. The only thing for you to do is to check out their large list of merchants and mention their products (with links) in your blog posts.

In my travel-related blog posts, I can naturally mention some TripAdvisor tours that I can recommend or some Amazon products that I have tried. When I mention these things, I just add the regular links to these products and Skimlinks does the monetization for me.

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Create an automatic email sequence

There are many advantages to having an email list from day 1 of blogging. And one of the reasons is blog monetization.

How can you earn money from an email list automatically?

You can create an automatic welcome sequence for anyone who signs up for your mailing list. This requires some effort to set up the sequence and tune it to be profitable, but after that, it can run on auto-pilot.

How does it work?

Imagine that you are a fashion blogger. You create an opt-in – something free that your readers will get as a gift when they subscribe to your mailing list. That can be anything, but we shall go with the “Winter capsule wardrobe checklist” as a printable PDF. Not that hard to create, right?

So when a reader joins your mailing list they get the PDF. And then you can create an automatic sequence of emails, which introduce your reader to who you are, what you blog about, and some evergreen tips and hacks related to fashion. You can spread these out to be one email per day or week, as you see fit. After the first few emails where you give some value to your readers, you will start to add some affiliate links to the products you recommend.

After creating the email sequence once, you can add the sign-up form for it on the main page of your blog, as a pop-up somewhere in the corner, or any other solution which your mailing service provides.

I’m using Mailerlite for my automatic email sequences, as it is free for the first 1000 subscribers.

And after that, email becomes an automatic blog monetization tool that you will have to tune just from time to time to make sure that it’s still valid.

Create an e-book

Creating an online product is one of the ways how to monetize a blog. A good product to start from is an e-book.

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It doesn’t have to bee 300 pages long. And you don’t have to be an expert to write one. You just need to know a bit more about the topic than your audience does, so that you could help them to become more educated and do something that they couldn’t do before.

Depending on your niche, you can write an ebook about some of the popular topics from your experience and point of view.

Food? Write some recipes. Travel? Write about tips on how to save while traveling. Makeup? Write about some basic steps for the day and evening makeup routine. Photography? Write about how to create a good composition.

When your e-book is ready, add it to some of the distributors like SendOwl. After that, write some blog posts about similar topics as the ebook is about and nudge the readers to get the full information from the e-book. Include the links to the book in your blog posts, and hey, you have got one more way how your blog is automatically monetized.

Create a course

Creating a course is very similar to creating an e-book, as this is a digital product as well. However, it might take a bit more effort in the beginning, as there is a little learning gap on how to structure your content in lessons. Also, the creation of some video content for the course would be great.

One of my favorite platforms for online courses is Thinkific. You can create your first three courses with them for free. This way you can test your profitable course idea with nothing monetary to loose. Only some of your time, which still can be considered as not a loss but a gain, because you are learning a new skill in the process.

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