Increase link clicks from Pinterest

How to Increase Clicks from Pinterest

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If you are using Pinterest to get more visitors to your blog, then you know the struggle. Hundreds of people may see your pin but hardly anyone actually clicks on it. In this post, you’ll find some strategies to increase clicks from Pinterest so that your blog would get more page views.

One of the first things to do when implementing any strategy is to know your current situation. With Pinterest clicks it’s easy – set up a business account, claim your website, and check your numbers.

When you are focusing on clicks to your blog, don’t pay attention to the impressive numbers of Impressions or Monthly viewers. Even though they may seem important, you can get tons of impressions without anyone actually clicking through to your website.

The number that is actually important is Link clicks.

You can filter these by clicking on:

  • Analytics -> Overview
  • Select your blog under the Claimed account filter
  • Select “Link clicks” above the trendline

When you are clear about your current situation you’ll get a point from which you can measure the success of any strategy that you implement.

Try out different things and combinations and check back regularly to see what has been actually working for you.

Set up rich pins

Rich pins automatically get some information from your blog straight to the pin so it has a better chance to rank among pins that don’t have this functionality. The setup is easy and has to be done once. It’s just two steps – add Yoast plug-in to your blog and validate rich pins here. Check out the full tutorial on how to enable rich pins.

Create multiple images for one post

Each time when you add a new image to Pinterest it is treated as a new pin. Even if the URL is leading to the same blog post for multiple pins.

This is great news. It means that for each blog post you can create multiple different pins.

Why is that good?

Doing so will increase the likelihood that someone will click on a pin. And, in theory, the more pins you create for one post, the more clicks you migh expect to get.

It doesn’t always happen like that because some pins and topics are doing better than others on Pinterest. Nevertheless, creating more pins for one blog post can only increase the number of people who will see them and click on them.

Don’t stick to your branding

Look at the analytics of the visitors to your blog. Most probably the majority are new users which come to your blog for one or two blog posts and then never return. Only a few visitors are returning.

This is good news for people who want to experiment with designs and step out of your brand.

If the majority of page views on your blog comes from people who don’t know your brand, they also don’t know how your brand should look like on Pinterest.

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And this allows you to create designs in a variety of ways. Not just using a few brand templates.

Try out different backgrounds – solid colors, product pictures, or lifestyle images. Experiment with colors – create one pin with red accents and another with blue. Try pins with captions in different places and sizes.

This experimentation will ensure that your pins will appeal to a larger audience. If a person likes blue color more than others, you’ll have a pin for them. And if there is some other person preferring pink pins only, you might have a pin for them as well. And all of these pins can lead to the same blog post thus increasing the probability that people will click through to this post.

One suggestion though, put your website URL somewhere on the pin image. This will ensure that no one will steal your pins by taking your images and redirecting them to their own content. URL is the only thing that should be consistent on the pins from your blog.

Write good pin descriptions

Pinterest is a visual search engine. What this means is that pin description are just as important for getting the link clicks as the images themselves.

Of course, the image should be eye-catching and enticing, but a good description ensures that your pin will show up in the Pinterest search results long after it has been created.

From my experience, Pinterest shows a new pin to a large audience just after the pin is created. If the audience interacts with the pin by clicking on it or saving it to their boards, the pin is shown to an even larger audience. But after some time this virality goes down, as Pinterest prefers showing fresh pins to your audience.

So how do you make a pin evergreen?

Add a good description. Include keywords that will help the pin to rank in search.

One of the easiest ways how to do it is to check which keywords Pintesert suggests for the search and then include them in the natural-sounding sentences which you add as a pin description.

Pinterest search results with keyword suggestions

Just do a search for the topic of your blog post and check what are the related keywords which people often search for. Then try to include these in the description that you are writing for your pin.

And if you are creating multiple pins for the same blog post, add a different description to each pin. You never know which one will rank higher in the search.

A great tool to help with pin descriptions is Jasper. It’s an AI writing assistant where you can add the description, and some keywords and the tool can generate fun and eye-catching variants for a pin description. This way you don’t have to come up with a unique pin description on your own for multiple pins about the same topic.

Make pins in the recommended size

Pinterest suggests creating pins in 2:3 aspect ratio. Here is an example of sizes that correspond to this:

Width600 px1000 px
Height900 px1500 px

I create almost all of my pins in Canva, and they have a built-in size for pin designs. If you use this tool, you don’t need to think much about the size.

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It used to be so that longer pins were getting more attention and clicks on Pinterest. But recently the longer pins are just cropped and not displayed in full size on mobile devices. So it’s better to stick to not that long of a portrait mode when making new pins.

And don’t make horizontal (landscape mode) pins.

Add pins to the most relevant boards first

If you plan to add a pin to multiple boards, add it to the most relevant ones first.

It’s rumored that similar as pin description the first boards where the pin is added will add context to it. And by adding a clear context it will be easier for Pinterest to show this pin when people are searching for similar content.

You may have seen some generic group boards like “Best pins”, “All top pins”, and so on.

Generic Pinterest boards

It’s probably not a good idea to use them, as you won’t be showing your pin to a targeted audience. You’ll just try to show it to random people in hopes that they might be interested in clicking through.

But if you still want to use such boards make sure that you pin to them after you have added your pin to more relevant boards.

Write captions which raise curiosity

If your niche is not related to food or fashion it’s a good idea to write good titles on your pins.

Try out different titles for the same blog post. Make them sound interesting so that people would be bound to click on the pin and read more.

Tell people what your pin is about, but try to raise curiosity. You can make several pins and try out different texts for them.

Which one do you find more clickable?

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I created pins for both just in case.

Focus on the things that your audience will gain from reading your blog post. What problem will it solve? What new skills will they learn and be able to do afterward?

Some of my most popular pins raise the viewer’s curiosity about making money online with Pinterest.

When writing captions be sure to make them big and bold. Many people scroll through Pinterest on their mobile phones. If your text will be hard to read, they most probably won’t even try to read it before scrolling further.

Try video pins

It’s now possible to create video pins. And it looks like Pinterest favors them over the regular images when it decides what to show in the feed or in the search results.

Don’t believe me?

Search anything and check how the video pins are ranked higher than similar image pins.

So try creating video pins to rank higher and be shown to more people on Pinterest.

It’s actually not that hard to do on Canva.

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When you start to create a new pin design go to Elements -> Stickers and choose some to enhance your pin. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Press “See all” and you’ll get some moving arrows and shapes that can easily be added to a regular pin to turn it into a video pin. Then you can export the pin as a video and upload it to Pinterest. Easy as that!

Add Call to action

An obvious thing to do to increase link clicks from Pinterest is to actually ask people to click. You can do it in two locations.

Firstly, you can add a call to action (CTA) on the pin image. This can be something that looks like a button, arrow, or a simple invite to check out a freebie inside.

Secondly, you can add into the pin description a suggestion to “Read more”, “Check out the blog post for more”, or something similar.

Don’t show it all on the pin

When you create a pin for a tutorial or a recipe, try not to include all of the steps on the pin itself.


If it’s enough for someone to just look at your pin to do what your tutorial explains in detail how to do then they probably won’t even click on your blog.

A similar situation is with infographics. If you create an infographic without a tease or any additional data in the related blog post that might interest a potential reader then you might end up with a lot of impressions for your pin. But with no real visitors to your blog.

So try to show the end result on the pin, but don’t make it self-sufficient. A pin should be more like a teaser, just asking to be clicked for the viewer to explore more.

Get more followers

Having more Pinterest followers will have an impact on how many people see your pin.

Pinterest shows newly pinned pins to your followers first. If they interact with the pin, it is shown to even more people. Having people to click on the pin is one way how Pinterest can see that the pin is “worthy” of getting more impressions.

So you want more followers. And not just any followers – but such that they are interested in what you are pinning and will interact with it.

A great way to get more followers is to set up your profile correctly. This means adding relevant keywords to your name and bio and having a friendly profile picture. That way your perfect audience will find you more easily and will follow you. And the people not interested in the topics next to your name and bio hopefully will move on without following. You don’t want inactive followers.

These are some ways I have found to be effective to get more link clicks from Pinterest. Try to implement some of the tips from above and let me know the results.

If you want to use Pinterest not just to drive traffic to your blog but to make some money with affiliate marketing as well, check out this post. There I cover the two main ways how to earn money by using Pinterest.

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