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Blog income reports are the best answer to the question – how to make money blogging? If other people are earning their living from blogging, so can you. Below you will find blog income report roundup from many bloggers.

There are different ways how to make your blog profitable. You can sell affiliate products, display ads, write sponsored posts, sell your own products like books or courses and so on. Some of these things you can do even if you started your blog today, but others require some conditions to be met. For example, new bloggers can easily earn some cents by displaying ads with Google Adsense, but when your pageviews reach around 30k, you can apply to the Mediavine ad network, which offers greater returns for the viewed ads.

Why bloggers publish income reports

There are many reasons, why bloggers publish income reports.

For some bloggers publishing an income report is a great way to round up the previous month and see the progress. It can give an incredible motivation to go on blogging not just for the blogger, but for other bloggers as well.

Seeing that other people are making real money online can be even a good motivation for starting a blog. When you see that there is a way to start small and then grow to earn several thousands of dollars a month, you also might come to a conclusion that it’s worth a try to sign up for a blog for just 3.95$ a month.

Another reason is a reflection on the previous month to see, what worked and what could be improved. It can give more focus on the better performing affiliate links or give ideas for some future collaboration ideas. The Pareto principle states the 80/20 rule, which can be applied to blogging income as well. it could sound like this: 20% of your articles earn 80% of the whole income. The reflection on the previous month allows bloggers to identify this 20% of their most successful pieces of content and continue to write similar content in the future.

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Blogging income reports

Ways to make money blogging

Depending on the niche of a blog, there are different products that can be promoted on the blog. But in general, the methods below can be used for any blog, the only part that differs is the category of things that you promote.

Finance bloggers will promote financial services, travel bloggers will recommend hotels and packing lists while food bloggers may promote kitchen appliances. Anyone can find products related to blog niche to offer their readers.

Display advertising

Display advertising is a passive form of monetizing a blog, as you set it up and then forget about it. Ad networks like Google Adsense or Mediavine will show advertisements in your sidebars or between paragraphs of your blog posts, and you will earn income depending on the count of people who have viewed advertisements.

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For beginner bloggers Adsense is the way to go, as it doesn’t require your blog to have substantial traffic, to begin with. However, what you earn with it will be a small amount of money.

When your blog reaches 25k sessions in a 30 day period, you can apply for Mediavine ad network which could be more profitable.


Amazon Associates is probably the most wildly used affiliate program. It is fairly easy to use this way of monetizing your blog. You can talk about your recent trip to some place and mention that you used a very comfortable backpack. Then you can go to Amazon and get an affiliate link for that backpack so that your readers could check it out and buy for themselves. In return, Amazon will pay you a small percentage of the rice of the backpack for your recommendation at no cost to your readers.

There are several popular blogging-related tools and services, which can bring affiliate income as well. These are the tools that are worthwhile to use. And you can suggest them for your readers if you want to earn affiliate income.

Bluehost is a hosting provider with an easy way of building WordPress blogs. It costs $3.95 a month, which is an attractive starting price for new bloggers. See my guide to starting a new blog with Bluehost.

Convertkit is an email marketing tool, which is popular for building an email list. If you want to convert new visitors to your blog to returning visitors, you have to provide them a way to receive the newest information from your blog. Click here to claim a free 14-day trial and check this tool for yourself.

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Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest. To drive more traffic to your blog posts you can use Pinterest, as this is like a large visual search engine. There are several tips how to increase the traffic that a blog can gain from Pinterest, but the main idea is that you have to be active and pin constantly. Tailwind comes to help here, as it can help you automate the pinning, distribute it to several times a day and even give an opportunity to get your pins added to Pinterest by other people to their followers. Try Tailwind’s free trial of 200 pins today!

Sponsored posts

When your blog has a decent following and people are viewing your posts, you can start to approach brands to discuss options for sponsored posts.

Here the sky is the limit. You can review hotels in exchange for a free stay. You can review beauty products or electronic appliances in exchange for the products themselves or a fee. This all depends on the value that your posts about the products can bring to the brands.


Of course, there are uncountable other ways to monetize your blog. You can write a book and earn money when you sell it to your readers. Or you can create a paid learning course and gain income when people subscribe to it. You can monetize your social reach – get paid for sharing content on your social networks. The earning possibilities are endless.

Your turn

Do you own a blog? Does it provide any income? Which of these methods of monetizing your blog have you tried?