Grossglockner High-Alpine Road

Grossglockner, Austria

Located in Europe’s biggest alpine national park, the Grossglockner (3.798 m) is Austria’s tallest peak. It towers above Austria’s other tallest peaks, the Hohe Tauern, and the Pasterze Glacier, the East Alps’ longest and most symmetrical glacier.  What is the Grossglockner High-Alpine Road?  The Grossglockner High-Alpine Route is undoubtedly Europe’s most renowned panorama road, and […]

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9 Cute Passport Holder And Luggage Tag Sets

Are you looking for a cute passport holder and luggage tag set? Then this is the right place for you! Here are 9 really nice passport holder sets that could be the best gift to you or someone else. Why the best gift? Because travel is something that is not so easily forgotten. And even […]

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