15 Cute Passport Holder And Luggage Tag Sets

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Are you looking for a cute passport holder and luggage tag set? Then this is the right place for you! Here are 15 really nice passport holder sets that could be the best gift to you or someone else.

Why the best gift?

Because travel is something that is not so easily forgotten. And even such small things as passport holders and luggage tags could make you smile on your way to the dream destination.

Cute passport holder and luggage tag with a plane

The Weewooday 2-Piece Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Set is a delightful combination of practicality and style, perfect for travelers who love to add a touch of personality to their journey. The set includes two passport holders and two luggage tags, each featuring a delicate and exquisite design. The passport covers are adorned with the word “PASSPORT” in an elegant gold color, while the luggage tags showcase a charming plane pattern.

Crafted from quality faux leather, these accessories ensure that your important travel documents are kept secure and dry, whether in your luggage or bag. The material not only offers durability but also a sleek, fashionable look. The dimensions are convenient for travel: the suitcase tag measures approximately 2.76 x 4.33 inches, and the passport case is about 4.33 x 5.51 inches.

This set is not just a travel necessity but also a wonderful gift idea. It’s ideal for newlyweds on their honeymoon, or as a special present for lovers, couples, families, and friends. The simplicity of the design, combined with the wear-resistant quality, ensures that these accessories can be used for a long time, making every trip a little more stylish and organized.

Lychii passport cover and luggage tag

The Lychii Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set is a chic and functional accessory for any traveler. Made from soft, classy, and durable PU leather, this set is not only stylish but also ensures the safety of your travel documents. The passport holder, measuring 4.1” x 5.9” x 0.4”, features a snap button closure with two passport pockets, two card slots, and a pocket for tickets, making it incredibly practical for organizing your essentials.

The accompanying luggage tag, sized at 3” x 4.5”, allows you to write your name and address on the card, making it easier to identify your luggage among others. The set comes in a beautiful blue color, adding a touch of elegance to your travel gear. Moreover, it is presented in an elegant gift box, making it an ideal present for friends, family, or even as a treat for yourself.

This set is not just about looks; it’s about making your travel experience smoother and more organized. The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry, ensuring that your travel essentials are always within reach and secure. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional adventurer, the Lychii Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set is a perfect blend of functionality and fashion.

DMLuna luggage tag and passport holder set

The DMLuna Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set in Sky Blue is a perfect blend of style and functionality for modern travelers. This set includes a passport and vaccine card holder combo and a matching luggage tag, both designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. The classic embossed national emblem and the nice leather texture provide a comfortable and smooth touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

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Crafted from high-quality PU leather, this set is not only durable but also lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion. The passport wallet’s ultra-slim design, with an unfolded thickness of just 2 millimeters and a weight of 2.29 ounces, ensures it can be easily carried in a purse or pocket. The luggage tag is almost weightless, adding no extra burden to your travel luggage.

The practical slots in the travel wallet offer organized space for your passport, credit card, and vaccine card, keeping essential travel documents in one place for quick and easy access. The versatile luggage tag, with its bright color, helps in quickly identifying your luggage. Additionally, the set features a removable steel loop for easy attachment and removal.

Enhanced with premium smooth PU leather, the passport cover is protected against water splashes, dust, and stains, ensuring it remains clean and new-looking. The plastic-wrapped stainless steel loop prevents rusting, prolonging the set’s lifespan.

labato cute passport cover

The Labato Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set is a charming and practical solution for travelers who value both style and organization. This set, available in a refreshing Mintgreen/Light Blue color, is designed to keep your travel essentials neatly organized. The passport holder and luggage tag are made from high-quality faux leather, offering a soft and comfortable touch while ensuring durability and style.

The slim design of the passport holder makes it easy to slip into your wallet, bag, or coat pocket, making it an ideal travel companion. It’s lightweight, adding minimal weight to your travel gear. The luggage tag is almost weightless, ensuring no extra burden on your luggage.

This set is not just functional but also a fashionable travel must-have. With ample space for your passport, tickets, and other important documents, it ensures that your travel essentials are easily accessible. The vibrant color and exquisite design make it a great gift option for friends or family members who love to travel.

COSHAYSOO personalized passport holder and luggage tag

The COSHAYSOO Personalized Passport Cover Holder and Initial Luggage Tag Set is a delightful travel accessory that combines functionality with a personal touch. Available in a charming Pink color, this set includes a passport holder and a luggage tag, both adorned with a preppy white chenille letter patch, allowing for a range of personalization options from A to Z.

Made of sturdy faux leather, the passport holder is designed with practicality in mind, featuring slots for a vaccine card, credit cards, and flight tickets. The water-resistant luggage tag is designed with a privacy cover, ensuring your personal information remains secure while traveling.

This set is not just practical but also a fashion statement, with its unique initial name letter patch design adding a personal charm to your travel essentials. The compact size of both the passport wallet and luggage tag makes them easy to carry, ensuring your travel documents are always at hand.

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Eccolo aesthetic passport holder and luggage tag

The Eccolo Travel Passport Cover Holder and Luggage Tag Set is a stylish and practical accessory for the modern traveler. This set, featuring a Mint Stripes design with the inspiring quote “This Girl Was Meant To See The World,” is both chic and motivational. The passport cover and luggage tag are crafted from faux leather, offering durability and a sleek look while being animal-friendly.

The passport holder is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, measuring 5.5” long by 4” wide, fitting perfectly in your travel bag or pocket. The luggage tag, with its unique quote “and away she goes,” complements the passport holder, adding a touch of elegance and personality to your luggage.

This set is not just about looks; it’s about keeping your travel documents safe and organized. The passport holder has a pocket slot for your passport and additional space for essential documents or credit cards. The luggage tag ensures your luggage stands out and is easily identifiable.

Grature cute passport cover

The Grature Luggage Tag with Passport Holder Cover is a practical and stylish travel accessory set, perfect for the modern traveler. This set, available in a sleek Black color, includes a matching passport cover and suitcase luggage tag, making it an ideal gift for various occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day.

The passport cover is designed to protect your passport from damage, such as bending, scratching, or tearing, ensuring its longevity throughout your travels. It also doubles as a handy travel wallet organizer, with space for credit cards, cash, or other travel documents, keeping all your essentials in one place.

The luggage tag is designed to stand out in a crowd, featuring unique designs and colors that make it easy to identify your luggage at the baggage carousel. Both the passport holder and luggage tag are made from high-quality synthetic vegan polyurethane leather, ensuring durability and beauty.

Snogisa cute luggage tags

The Snogisa Passport Wallets Travel Holder Set is a charming and practical choice for couples, especially newlyweds. This set, available in a stylish Khaki color, includes passport holders and luggage tags designed with an elegant “aircraft” pattern, making it a perfect honeymoon essential and a thoughtful newlywed travel gift.

Crafted from durable synthetic leather, the set is both functional and fashionable. The passport cover measures 11 x 14 cm, ensuring your important travel documents are secure and dry, while the luggage tag, measuring 4.5” X 2.7”, is the perfect size for any standard business card, making your luggage easily identifiable.

This set is not just about utility; it’s about traveling in style. The lightweight and compact design of the passport cover makes it easy to carry without adding bulk, ideal for traveling or business trips. The unique design and patterns add a touch of elegance and personality to your travel gear.

Fiboke passport holder luggage tag set

The Fiboke Passport Holder Wallet Set in Rose Gold is a fashionable and functional travel accessory. This set includes a passport cover, luggage tag, and a silk eye mask, making it a comprehensive travel kit. The passport holder is not only stylish but also practical, with enough compartments to carry credit cards, ID cards, cash, and boarding passes, serving as an ideal travel wallet.

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The set features RFID blocking technology, ensuring the security of your personal information against unauthorized scans. The elastic strap on the passport cover provides additional security, preventing it from opening accidentally in your bag.

The inclusion of a silk eye mask enhances the travel experience by allowing for comfortable and undisturbed sleep, a must-have for long journeys. The set’s design and color make it a standout accessory, adding a touch of warmth and romance to your travels, and making it especially suitable for couples, honeymooners, friends, and family.

Ooh La La bold passport case and luggage tag set for dog lovers

This is a great gift for bridal showers or weddings if you know that the bride-to-be loves dogs. It is cute and practical and will be a nice part of any trip.

Electric Bloom passport cover set

Bold and artistic, this passport holder set is full of life.

Marble and rose gold passport holder set

This passport cover has multiple sleeves/slots for tickets, boarding passes, cards, documents, and more. It comes with a gift box already, in case you wish to give it to someone on their special occasion.

Casmonal passport holder with RFID technology

This passport holder is not only cute, but it also features RFID technology. This means that the passport holder is made of material with a blocking shield that helps to prevent your vital private information. No one will be able to connect to your credit card, while it is in the passport holder.

Daily print passport case

Packaged as a gift, this passport holder set will definitely bring joy. Daily print is so cute!

Lilly Pulitzer artistic passport holder set

Cute and durable, this gold-colored passport holder set will be a perfect assistant to your travels.

Kaleidoscope coral passport holder set

Bright colors and the coral print will be perfect if you are going on a beach trip. And even if you aren’t, this will remind you of the sunny places that you should still experience.

Adventure awaits – chic passport holder set

This passport holder set comes with a gift box, all nice and ready to be presented as a gift to someone. You could add some plane tickets inside, and use this as a great way how to give travel as a gift.

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