Apply These 3 Techniques To Improve Your Pinterest Profile

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Pinterest is a great tool to promote your blog and get more visitors. You can get a lot of people to see your pins even if you don’t have a huge following. But having followers helps so here are the most important tips on how to improve your Pinterest profile to gain more of them.

I have used Pinterest for a few years and experienced many changes in the algorithm. Bloggers create new strategies on how to win more views and clicks from Pinterest almost daily.

This post is not about a fancy new strategy. Here you’ll find the basics. Your profile – this is the part that probably won’t be changing that often. So it’s important to get it right at the beginning so that you can write it and leave it for a while.

It’ll give you a strong foundation and a little boost to any other strategy that you’ll use from now on.

If you are interested in making money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest, having a great profile is a must-have.

Why Pinterest followers matter

When you add a new pin, it will be shown to your followers first. As Pinterest loves new content, it will show the pin to other people as well, but your followers can give it a big boost.

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Because some pins are shown to more people than others. And the popularity of a pin depends on how many people interact with it.

And by “interact” I mean – save the pin to their boards, open it, or click on it.

Pins that don’t get any attention from people get buried in the sea of other pins.

And where do your followers come in play? – you may ask.

As your new pin is shown to your followers first it’s important that you have the right people following you who will be interested to interact with your pins.

For example, if you are a beauty blogger, but some people followed you because they thought that you pin nice travel photos, they will be less inclined to interact with your beauty pins. And this will mean that these new pins might be shown to fewer people and gain less traction.

That’s why it’s important to have not just any followers on Pinterest, but strive to attract the “right kind” of followers. People actually interested in the topic that you want to promote.

Pinterest profile checklist

What exactly is my Pinterest profile? – you might ask.

It’s the page that opens when someone searches your exact username or clicks on your picture next to a pin which you have pinned.

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Where to find a link to your Pinterest profile

When you open your profile you get your Pinterest URL/Username in the browser. It looks like this: ‘[Username]’. Mine is:

From the profile page, you can press the “Edit profile” button to edit the most important parts as described below.

Friendly photo of your face

The first thing anyone who opens your profile notices is the picture. You want your audience to connect with you and see you as a relatable human being. This kind of thinking will guide you to the best choice of a profile picture.

It should be of your face. Preferably well lit and friendly. And it should be possible to still see your face even in a small cropped circle which will be visible on your phone Pinterest app.

Don’t use logos as they aren’t relatable and friendly. Avoid using dark photos or selfies to look more professional.

And that’s it. Quite simple isn’t it?

Your name and relevant keywords

Your name field is the best place where you can give the first impression about what you are and how can you help the person who has opened your profile.

Choose 1 or 2 relevant keywords and add them after your name.

Pinterest is less like a social platform and more like a search engine. Having keywords next to your name will also help the Pinterest algorithm to know which niche is your specialty. Overall this will help the right people to find and follow you more easily.

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A brief bio about how you can help people

Your bio is the place where you can expand a bit more on what you are all about and why should the person who is reading your profile actually follow you.

Bio should also include some niche specific keywords but this shouldn’t be complicated. Just write a sentence about how you can help your audience and add a call to action. You can ask them to follow you, check out your website, or even open a link to a freebie you have prepared for them.

Here is my profile for inspiration.

It has a clear profile picture, keywords both after my name and in the bio, as well as a call to action.

Now open your profile and do these small changes which will help you to connect with more followers!

Here you can find other tips for getting more traffic from Pinterest. And if you haven’t set up rich pins yet, here is a quick guide on how to do it.

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