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Ar you a new Pinterest user who wants to set up rich pins fast? Then follow this guide to enable rich pins for your blog under 3 minutes.

The easiest way to enable rich pins

Step 1: Install the Yoast SEO plugin

Go to Plugins -> Add new.

Search for Yoast, install, and activate it.

Go to SEO -> Social.

Go to Facebook tab and make sure that “Add Open Graph meta data” is enabled.

Step 2: Validate rich pins

Go to Rich Pins Validator and add a link to any blog post. Just don’t add a link to your main page. Click on Validate.

And that’s it! Now any pins created from your blog will have rich pin features. What are they – you ask? Read below to see what are rich pins and why do you need them.

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What are rich pins

Rich pins automatically sync information from your blog posts to your pins. When you look at your home feed you may notice some pins without titles below them – they are not rich pins. And on a close-up the rich pins have additional information from your blog post, similar as marked in the image below.

Why do you need to apply for rich pins?

Rich pins automatically add information to the pin giving it a bit of an advantage when ranking against other pins that might not have this feature. This means that it’s more likely that a rich pin will appear as a search result on Pinterest and a potential reader will click on it.

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It’s important to use every option you can add to your pins to rank them higher in the Pinterest search. There are many bloggers creating fresh pins every day. People make money on Pinterest by selling products from their pins or sending potential customers to their blogs to sell things to them, so they are serious about ranking high. You can check out here other things you should consider if you want to make viral pins. Another thing you can do is to update your profile for a better chance to appear in the search results.

Rich pins are free and any Pinterest user can apply to use them. Once you set up rich pins on your blog by doing the steps described above, it’s all automatic and you never have to think about this again.

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