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7 Cute Valentine’s Day Desserts

In the time when it is so easy to just buy some gift for your significant other in the Valentine’s day, you might be looking for something more meaningful. My suggestion – create something with your own hands. Bake a cupcake, cherry pie, or cake, and you can invite our partner to help you to […]

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5 Easy to Make Snacks for Winter Evenings

When it’s cold and dark outside, it is nice to stay at home, spend some time with family, and try out new recipes. Below you’ll find some easy to make snacks that I’d like to make this winter. Crispy zucchini fries Zucchini fries from Amanda’s Cookin’ is a healthy alternative to the traditional French fries. […]

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5 Christmas Foods to Try This Year

Fun and easy to make Christmas foods, starting from an appetizer, following a main course, and then a few options for a dessert. Which Christmas foods do you enjoy the most? Christmas tree spinach dip breadsticks A perfect appetizer for any Christmas themed party is a Christmas tree shaped bread-stick dip. Check out the full […]

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10 Healthy And Quick Breakfast Recipes


Tired of eating a plain toast for breakfast? There are a lot of other options to choose from. See below some breakfast inspiration from egg-muffins to smoothies. Overnight oats Found from Fitful Focus If you like to take your breakfast with you, this is just the right thing. And if you don’t want to prepare […]

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