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Do you treat your blog as a business? Are you planning to invest in some products to grow and reach your blogging goals faster? If yes, then this is the best time of the year to do so as there are countless Black Friday deals for bloggers.

In this post, you’ll find good deals on hosting, blogging courses and e-books, and stock photos. Check out the deals below and grow your blog fast!

Which blogging deals are worth investing in?

For a long time, it was hard for me to justify spending any money on my blog because everything seemed to be available for free with just a little bit of effort. But there is rarely something completely free. You pay for the free stuff with your time, patience, or user experience.


Of course, you can start blogging on a free platform like But if at one point you want to start making money with advertisements or configure something special in your theme, it won’t be possible on this free platform.

In addition, if you choose some free hosting option (there are quite a few out there), you’ll soon find out why they were free. Either the storage space will be very limited, or the website speed will be slow and unfriendly to users and Google rankings. Or some other restricting thing which will prompt you to upgrade if you don’t want to annoy your blog visitors.


If you don’t already have a blog, this is the best time to start one. Bluehost has a once-in-a-year deal, where you can start building your blogging hobby and turning it into a money-making business for less than $3 a month.

THE DEAL: 60% Off WordPress Hosting + FREE Domain Name for 1st year

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Blog theme

As for the blog theme – the free ones can be restrictive. For example, the theme I’m currently using doesn’t allow me to change the font size unless I get a paid plug-in. In addition, it seems that the site speed is also getting slower due to the theme I use. And there are other annoying things I can’t really control. Which doesn’t help with ranking on Google and getting more traffic.

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That’s why one of my purchases for this year will be a premium theme so that I’d have more control over how my blog actually looks and performs.


Bluchic offers several feminine and clean WordPress themes, which are easy to customize even for the new bloggers. There are options for service-based businesses and product-based businesses. Check out these themes if you are considering to upgrade your blog looks! They seem so good that it’s hard for me to choose the one which I’ll buy this year.

THE DEAL: 30% off any of Bluchic products

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Blogging courses and e-books

Surely, you can find a ton of free blogging related advice just by googling it, but how much time will you waste to find the tips that are relevant to your goals and actually work?

The good thing about the paid courses and e-books is that they have lessons ordered in a logical sequence, which makes up a framework on the steps which you should go through. The free advice may not be as helpful.

Get Paid to Pin

In this e-book, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to optimize your profile on Pinterest, make pins, and a strategy on how to pin. And the best part – you’ll learn about affiliate marketing on Pinterest and how to make money even if you don’t have a blog.

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Amazon Affiliate Affluence

If you have a blog and want to start making money as an Amazon affiliate then this is the essential e-book for you. Dale earns now $3,000+ a month from affiliate marketing, and in this e-book, she shows strategies on how you can do the same.

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THE DEAL: 25% off the e-book

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The She Approach courses and e-books

Ana from The She Approach has courses and e-books on a variety of hot blogging topics. There is an e-book to help you boost traffic, and an e-book to get great results from Pinterest marketing. There is s course which can help you to create your first digital product to sell on your blog – an e-book. And this is great, as you can learn from Ana who has written several successful e-books and earned money from the sales.

THE DEAL: 50% off everything in the store

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Stock photos

And talking about the free stuff stock photos should be mentioned as well.

For a new blogger, it’s hard to see why you should pay for a photo if something similar can be easily found for free. The reason is that this free photo has been probably found by a hundred other bloggers by now, so your pin or any other graphic will not stand out, it will be the same as many, many others. And this might be one of the reasons why your pins do not reach your audience and do not bring visitors to your blog.

So again – wasted time because of the free things.

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There are over 2M photos in the Creative Market, so you can find exactly what you need. Check out their 6 free goods of the week as well. Every week there are new free goods, so it’s a smart move to subscribe to their reminders.

THE DEAL: 20% off any item


Money management

Black Friday is the time of the year when we are spending money in order to save money. A bit ironic, isn’t it?

So how can you decide what is a smart purchase? What will make your budget better, not worse? There are a few tools and planners out there, and if you don’t already have everything under control, then maybe the Black Friday is the right tie to start managing your money properly?

Master Your Money Super Bundle 2019

In this bundle, you’ll find 45 products worth $1206.41. You can get better at budgeting, defeat debt, prepare family finances, save money, and increase your income. Don’t wait until the new year resolutions to start getting better with money.

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Why I invest in my blog

I’ve found that some investments pay off and are essential to my blog. I pay for the hosting, domain, some blogging courses, and Tailwind. And I can say that the blog earnings cover these expenses (if we don’t count the invested time).

Even though I started with an attitude that I can do everything for free, I’ve come to realize that blogging is like a hobby for me. Like other hobbies – I enjoy it, and spend time on it, and want to be better at it. And if I have no problem spending some money on a sewing machine or a guitar, why should blogging be any different?

Your turn

Do you invest in your blog? Which investments do you consider as the most useful and essential?