59 Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas

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Do you want to create content for your readers to celebrate Valentine’s day but feel a bit stuck with inspiration? Don’t worry, here is a list of Valentine’s day blog post ideas that you can use.

It’s important to create seasonal content on your blog.


It might attract more readers that haven’t been interested in your evergreen content. Pinterest loves sending traffic to posts that cover trending topics, and Valentine’s day is one of them. And blog posts crafted for a special time of the year can give more value to your existing fans.

So it’s a win-win for everyone.

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What should I post on my blog for Valentine’s day?

Here are blog post ideas for Valentine’s day which will be a good inspiration for your next post:

  1. 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
  2. 5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other
  3. How to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day at Home
  4. Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration for a Special Occasion
  5. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Love
  6. Valentine’s Day Recipes for a Delicious and Romantic Dinner
  7. The History of Valentine’s Day: From Ancient Rome to Modern Times
  8. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Galentines
  9. The Best Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch with Your Significant Other
  10. 5 Fun and Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Cards to Make
  11. How to Show Your Love and Affection on Valentine’s Day
  12. Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around the World
  13. Top Valentine’s Day Destinations for Couples
  14. 5 Creative Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas
  15. The Most Romantic Love Poems for Valentine’s Day
  16. 5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids
  17. How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single
  18. The Best Valentine’s Day Books for Couples to Read Together
  19. 9 Valentine’s Day Free Date Ideas
  20. Your Best Valentine’s Day Experience
  21. Your Worst Date on Valentine’s Day
  22. 7 Cute Cupcakes You Can Make for Valentine’s Day
  23. How to Decorate Your House for Valentine’s Day
  24. Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (could be more specific – for him / her / girlfriend that loves travel/husband that loves wine/college boyfriend etc.)
  25. How to Survive Valentine’s Day (abroad / as a single / during the time of social distancing etc.)
  26. 5 Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas
  27. Self-care Tips for Valentine’s Day
  28. Best Stay-at-home Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  29. Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas
  30. How to Plan a Surprise Trip to Your Significant Other
  31. The Best Romantic Destinations in the Country / Region
  32. Advice for Singles on Valentine’s Day
  33. Easy Valentine’s Day Make-up Done in 10 Minutes
  34. Date Night Ideas for Parents
  35. 3 Ideas on how to Style Your Hair for Valentine’s Day
  36. Valentine’s Day Trips From Your Hometown
  37. 9 Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  38. 12 Last-minute Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  39. What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Date Night
  40. Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day
  41. Instagram post ideas for Valentine’s day
  42. 5 Romantic Locations in Your City
  43. What to Write on Valentine’s Day Card
  44. Romantic Places to Stay in Your Area
  45. Travel Tips for Couples
  46. 10 Simple but Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gestures
  47. 5 Surprising Benefits of Celebrating Valentine’s Day
  48. How to Plan the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Weekend Getaway
  49. The Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Celebrity Proposals
  50. Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life
  51. 5 Ways to Show Your Pet Some Love on Valentine’s Day
  52. 5 Fun and Unique Valentine’s Day Party Ideas
  53. 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Virtually
  54. Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Tech-Lover in Your Life
  55. 5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways Nearby
  56. Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life
  57. 5 Fun and Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships
  58. 5 Ways to Show Your Love and Appreciation to Your Friends on Valentine’s Day
  59. 5 Affordable and Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts
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You should also research what other people have posted in your niche about Valentine’s day. It will give you some idea of what your readers might expect and what could be useful for them.

Or take some of the ideas listed above and create your own unique Valentine’s day blog post. And you don’t have to take the exact names as titles for your blog posts – try to be original and add something to the title that attracts more readers to it. Here is my favorite title generator – it can help you to craft some great headlines quite fast.

You might also find useful these lists of blog post ideas about other topics:

When should I post Valentine’s day related blog posts?

Planning ahead is important when you write blog posts for a certain day or season in a year.

Why is that?

Because SEO takes time. When you add a blog post, it will take some time for Google to look at it and add it to the list of search results. And Pinterest functions similarly – when you add a new pin, it takes some time for Pinterest to index it and rank for the right keywords.

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So the best time to publish blog posts related to Valentine’s day is in December or early January. This gives enough time to search engines to go through the content and offer it to the people searching for similar terms.

Free tools to help you write your next blog post

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3 thoughts on “59 Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas”

  1. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that celebrates the emotion of love and romance. It is a day when people express their affection for one another by exchanging gifts, flowers, and cards. In 2023, Valentine’s Day will be a great opportunity for couples to rekindle their love and for singles to find new romance. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just starting out, it’s a day to show your loved ones how much you care. Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be as simple as a thoughtful gesture or as grand as a romantic getaway. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to make it special and memorable for you and your loved one.

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