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In the time when it is so easy to just buy some gift for your significant other in the Valentine’s day, you might be looking for something more meaningful. My suggestion – create something with your own hands. Bake a cupcake, cherry pie, or cake, and you can invite our partner to help you to make a fun experience together.

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Valentine’s chocolate pretzel bark

In just 25 minutes you can make this perfect combination of salty and sweet. It also looks so cute! Check out the full recipe at A Night Owl.

Valentine play dough cookie pops

Sugar cookie dough can be colored and shaped in Valentine’s day theme – heart. This recipe can be used as a fun activity for the kids as well.

Heart shaped sugar cookie twists

These sugar cookies are very similar to the cookie pops but even easier to make. It takes just 20 minutes, and they don’t require any icing or sprinkles – so a bit less sugar and less mess than the other sweets. Check the full recipe here.

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Heart cupcakes

Red or pink hart is the iconic symbol of Valentine’s day. Make these cute cupcakes and get creative with frosting colors and sprinkles. Check the full recipe here.

Heart shaped monkey bread

If you own a heart-shaped pan, you can make monkey bread from some refrigerated biscuit dough. Decorate it with some pink sprinkles for a more cheeky look. Check the full recipe here.

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cake

Chocolate chip cookie dough can be easily transformed into a heart-shaped cake form. M&Ms give a fun addition to chocolate chips, and the trick is to add them after the cake has been baked, but is still warm. Check out the full recipe here.

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Raspberry rose chocolate cupcakes

Yummy chocolate cupcakes with a fancy frosting. You will need some raspberry jam, rosewater and vanilla to get the perfect taste. Check the full recipe here.