4 Easy Steps To Quickly Write An Amazing “About Me” Page

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Do you have a blog which is missing an “About me” page? Or do you have an “About me” page, but you aren’t really sure what to write there? Then you have come to the right place because this post is a 4-step guide to easily write or improve your “About me” page.

This is a page that many of the first-time visitors of your blog will read. So it is important to maximize the effect this page can have on your readers.

When your readers click on the “About me” page they are extending their visit to your blog in order to get to know you better. This page should tell your readers who you are, what you are writing on the blog and why, and who is it meant for. This is the perfect place to start building a relationship of trust with your readers and connect with them in a way that is relatable.

After reading the About page, two things may happen. Either nothing from what you have written resonates with the reader and he just clicks away… or the reader sees the value that your blog can offer him, and this is a start of your relationship.

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Essential things to have on your “About me” page

I’ve struggled to write a good “About me” page for a while. I didn’t want it to be a diary and a rambling only about myself, but at the same time, I wanted to have some personality there. And so I did what I usually do – I opened up a bunch of other blogger’s “About me” page and analyzed what they have written.

After some time of reading other people’s “About me” pages, a revelation came to me – this page is not really about them, and it’s more about their readers.

When you are writing the “About me” page, you have to keep in mind your perfect audience. When they read your blog, they have to get a feeling that you are helping them in some way – you can be educational, entertaining, giving an advice in a domain of your expertise, or simply relatable in your everyday experiences. And your “About me” page is one more place where you can emphasize why you are writing your blog and how is it helpful for your readers.

Introduce yourself

Start with a greeting and a short introduction to who you are. Keep it warm, friendly and short. Add a picture of yourself, preferably doing something related to what you are blogging about. The first part is about who you are and why you are interesting, with a personal touch.

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Don’t be afraid to show some personality, because the generic and safe version of you will resonate less with your perfect readers.

It should also be engaging so that the reader would continue to go through the other parts of your “About me” page.

What you do and who do you do it for

If you have started a blog, you have something to tell the world. Usually, you have a niche in mind, and you can at least imagine, who your ideal reader is.

In this part of the “About me” page, you have to tell your reader what you are writing, why you are doing this and who is it meant for.

Basically, you have to answer to your readers, what will they gain by reading your blog. Would it help to solve a problem for them? Would it be inspiring, exciting, or educating?

Share your best blog posts

You probably already have a few blog posts. Choose some of them to share with a potential reader. It would be good if the chosen posts would reflect the value to your readers that you have described previously.

Imagine this as a “Start here” guide. Which of the blog posts are you the proudest of? Which have received the most views on your blog? Which reflect the niche that you will be focusing on when writing posts in the future?

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Add a call to action

End the “About me” page with a single call to action.

If a reader has gotten this far in the About page, he is probably interested to connect with you in some way in order to hear from you in the future.

You can add a link to your social media or a signup form for your newsletter.

Treat your “About me” page as a draft

Remember, your “About me” page is a work in progress. Your blog is evolving with each post, and so should your About page involve with it. Update it regularly.

And, if you treat it as a draft, it reduces the pressure to get it perfect the first time you are writing it.

Don’t worry too much, if you haven’t written it yet. Just go through the steps above, write something, publish, and improve over time.

Your turn

Do you already have an “About me” page? Do you read “About me” pages on other blogs?

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5 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps To Quickly Write An Amazing “About Me” Page”

  1. Hi Una,
    I think your last tip is actually very important. As bloggers, we like to make things as perfect as possible and so we get stuck on them. I decided that it is okay to write an about me page and publish it and worry about it when I have to update it again. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything there. And something is better than nothing, in my opinion. I think it’s time to go over it and update it with more relevant information now.

    Thank you for writing this!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I absolutely agree, if I wanted to make each post and page perfect, I’d never finish anything. I’m changing my mindset to seeing them as drafts, so that it would be easier for me to publish something. I can always go back later and improve.

  2. Some great tips in here. We’re still tweaking our About Page, but I feel like it will always be a work in progress. We haven’t included any links to our blog posts so that’s an idea we’ll be putting in. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve struggled to write a good “About me” page for a while. I didn’t want it to be a diary and a rambling only about myself, but at the same time, I wanted to have some personality there. And so I did what I usually do – I opened up a bunch of other blogger’s “About me” page and analyzed what they have written.

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