leather travel journal with pockets

11 Leather Travel Journals With Pockets

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Have you been looking for a leather travel journal that would have pockets to hold things like credit cards, tickets, or even a passport? Here is a selection of different writing journals that have pockets and are perfect for long-term use. Some of these travel journals even have refillable pages so that you could continue using the same cover even when you write through all of the pages in the first notebook.

If you aren’t still sure if you need a travel journal then check out this post about what a travel journal is and how to start writing one.

However, if you are an experienced travel journal writer, check out these prompts for new inspiration on what to include in your travel writings.

Have fun writing about your adventures!

OakBook Pocket Notebook

This pocket-sized travel journal has card slots, a pen holder, and a pouch. The pen holder is really convenient as you can start writing down your adventures, sketching new ideas, or planning the next trips as soon as you get this idea in your head.

elizo A5 Size Notebook

elizo notebook is crafted with premium full-grain leather and will last for years. In addition to the notebook pages, you can hold a pen and several cards in this notebook cover. And when you go through all of the pages you can replace them with most A5-sized notebooks.

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7Felicity Small Diary

This is a convenient pocket-sized travel diary. It comes with 180 pages – lined, blank, and kraft paper. The notebook has 2 card slots and a zipper pouch for gadgets.

EM Passport-Sized Notebook

Made of soft and smooth leather, this holder will keep your notes and passport safe. It comes with 3 notebooks and is refillable.

ORENDEBON Vintage Notebook With Dividers

This vintage-looking notebook has an embossed nautical compass. It comes with really thick pages in the notebook for quality writing. 3 different transparent bags can hold business cards, bank cards, money, pens, and other small things. You can choose from two sizes – A5 or A6.

WANDERINGS 6 Ring Binder Planner

Made of naturally tanned leather, this notebook will last for a long time and will develop its own unique patterns over time. It has several functional pockets and a pen holder.

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elizo Journal with Lined Pages

This small notebook is convenient and can be taken on many adventures. It has an internal card holder and a pen holder for the basic things that you could want to store together with your travel journal.

Skymark Home Handmade Medium Size Travel Notebook

This notebook has a front pocket, golden clip, plastic zip pocket and card holder slots. It is both soft and durable. Any scratches on the leather can be rubbed away to keep it looking new for a long time.

OleksynPrannyk Distressed Leather Travel Journal

Each journal cover is individually handcrafted in the USA and is a unique one-off item. It is an A5-sized notebook that’s easy to carry with you. There are several pockets on the cover to hold your business cards or small notes.

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Passport-Sized Travelers Notebook

This notebook is in a handy size and can be conveniently put in many bag pockets and taken on adventures. It has 1 PVC zipper pocket, and you can keep your passport together with your notes in the cover.

Refillable Travelers Notebook

Compact and portable, this notebook can be used as a travel diary or a sketchbook. It has a zipper pouch insert so that you can keep small things together with this notebook.

What to write in a travel journal?

A travel journal is your personal place where you can write whatever you want about an upcoming trip, or document your experiences during a trip. You can also draw or add photos to it, do some artwork between paragraphs, or sketch a local person that you met. The content is up to you and your creativity!

But if you are tired at the end of the day and still want to write something, then check out these travel journal prompts. You can reflect on your current journey or daydream about the next one. Get some inspiration and start writing now!

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