How To Say Thank You In Different Languages

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When traveling, you can often find yourself in a situation where someone local is helping you with directions, serving you a meal, or just being friendly. If you can thank them in their own language, this extra effort shows them appreciation and respect.

Expressing your gratitude is important. Saying “thank you” in the local language may lead to more friendliness and better treatment, and in general, it’s a nice thing to do.

Below, you’ll find how to say THANK YOU in different languages. Be sure to write down the ones which you may encounter on your next trip!

Thank you in 23 languages

  • Afrikaans – dankie
  • Arabic – šukran
  • Bengali – dhanyabaad
  • Czech – děkuju
  • French – merci
  • German – danke
  • Greek – efcharistó
  • Hindi – dhanyavaad
  • Italian – grazie
  • Japanese – arigatō
  • Korean – gamsahamnida
  • Mandarin – xièxie
  • Polish – dziękuję
  • Portuguese – obrigada
  • Romanian – mulţumesc
  • Russian – spasibo
  • Spanish – gracias
  • Swedish – tack
  • Urdu – shukriya
  • Thai – khàawp-khun
  • Turkish – teşekkürler
  • Uzbek – rahmat
  • Vietnamese – cảm ơn
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It’s really nice to know a few key phrases in the language of the country you are traveling to. One of the easiest ways how to learn different languages is this app which is free.

Read here about my experience of learning a little bit of German. There are many other languages available. Check it out to see if it has a language you need for your next trip!

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