Best Travel Gifts Under $100

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Are you in search of the perfect gift for the travel enthusiast in your life? Look no further!

Our latest blog post delves into the world of travel gifts that are not only thoughtful but also budget-friendly, all under $100.

From innovative gadgets to enhance their travel experience to practical items that make their journey smoother, we’ve handpicked a variety of gifts that are sure to delight any globetrotter.

Whether they’re a seasoned traveler or just starting their adventures, these gifts are designed to cater to their wanderlust while keeping practicality and enjoyment in mind.

Join us as we explore these unique travel gifts that promise to be both useful and memorable for your traveling friends and family.

Scratch Off Map of The World with Flags

This huge scratch-off map of the world has flags of all 196 countries, and even the regions of some of the biggest countries are marked. When you scratch off all of the countries where you have been, it makes you grateful for the experiences you’ve already had. And it lights up the wanderlust to explore the un-scratched countries.

Foldable Travel Daypack

Do you have a friend who can pack everything for a week-long trip in a carry-on? If yes, then a foldable travel backpack would be the perfect gift for him, as carrying a big bag around in the destination country is not fun. A foldable backpack will be the size of a small sandwich until unpacked and used in daily explorations. As a bonus, it’s water-resistant.

Collapsible Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated while traveling. A collapsible water bottle is a great choice for travelers who want to use a reusable water bottle but at the same time don’t want the bottle to take up much space while packing.

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This bottle is leak-proof, made out of BPA-free plastic, and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the best way to stay organized while traveling. These are deep, durable, and water-resistant. As four out of five are of the same size, I’d recommend to use them for longer trips with check-in baggage. For traveling with a carry-on smaller and more versatile packing cubes would be better.

Power Bank

A must-have for any traveler is a power bank. This one can charge most phones for 7 times. It is important to stay connected, as the phone is used for so much while traveling. If the battery runs out, the traveler will be without a map, camera, and a way to communicate.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For all our music-loving friends a portable speaker is a great gift. If your friend takes this speaker fully charged on a trip he’ll be able to listen to 12 hours of music without recharging.

JBL speaker is also waterproof, so it will be safe to play at a beach, poolside, or on a rainy hike.

Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is meant to keep all important documents safe. It has RFID technology to secure your cards from unauthorized readings. This is a great gift for someone who likes to organize their things for efficiency – all of the documents related to passport control can be kept in the same place behind a zipper in this wallet.

Weekend Bag

A stylish weekend bag would be a good gift for a woman who values design and convenience. This is a spacious bag with 7 pockets including one for keeping shoes or toiletries separate.

Trtl Pillow

Can you imagine a travel pillow that’s actually comfortable and ergonomic? This weird-looking Trtl pillow is proven to keep the head in a better position while sleeping upright.

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The pillow is extra soft and comes in many colors. It looks like a scarf when it’s put on, and it can be folded to take up only a tiny space in the carry-on bag. Gift your friends the gift of sleep while being in transit.

Phone Camera Lens Kit

If your friend doesn’t have a separate camera yet but likes to take pictures while traveling, then a phone camera lens kit could be a way to elevate their photography game without spending too much on equipment.

This kit includes a 20X telephoto lens, 205° fisheye lens, 0.5X ultra-wide-angle lens, 25X super macro lens, universal clip, and a tripod. It is compatible with most phone brands, including iPhone and Samsung.

Sleep Mask

Either on a plane or in a hotel room – a sleep mask can help to catch up on sleep. It blacks out lamps or the morning sun making sure that the quality of sleep is not interrupted.

The sleep mask comes together with earplugs and a bag, so it is convenient to pack for traveling.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Travel usually involves planes, and planes usually are loud. Luckily, there is a solution – noise-canceling headphones. Gift your friend a music listening experience without the interruptions of plane noise.

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These headphones are wireless and can be connected to a phone through Bluetooth. They offer 30-hour playtime and charge quite fast. And headphones are foldable to be easy to take anywhere.

Microfiber Towel

Packing towels for travel was always hard until the microfiber towels became available. If your travel-loving friend doesn’t have a towel like this yet, he will be so grateful for this gift.

Microfiber towels are compact yet very absorbent. In addition, they get dry very fast and are great for beaches. Personally, I really enjoy that they provide so much surface, and the sand easily falls off of these towels.

Dry Bag

If you are looking for a gift for a traveler who enjoys adventures in the wild, then a dry bag is a great choice. It will protect water to the most valuable possessions. Perfect for kayaking, or any other activity which involves wetness.

There is a choice of different sizes. The smaller bags come with one shoulder strap, and the bigger ones boast with two backpack-style straps.

Portable Luggage Scale

Overweight luggage fees are something any traveler dreads. Help your friend to calm his mind with a gift of a portable luggage scale.

From my experience, the luggage is always heavier when getting back from the destination, so it’s really helpful to know how many souvenirs can still be fitted in the bag before it gets too heavy.

Your turn

If you are a traveler, which of these gifts would you like to receive? Which gift have you received in the past that you really appreciated while traveling?

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  1. Just what I was looking for Una!

    I’m about to buy all my Christmas presents and a couple of my family members are going on long holidays… and I know they’re not properly prepared! The sleep mask and the luggage scale are the perfect stocking stuffers, and the noise-cancelling headphones are essentials that I just know they would forget to pack. Looks like I have a couple of gifts sorted. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Looking for gifts that don’t cost you an arm or leg is a hell of a task because there is so much
    variety out there and apart from variety you can say that with this huge competition the price are so high. Find out the list of these cost-effective gift ideas at when you need. You cannot just buy an amazing gift without disregarding the main factor that is money.

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