Hike to Kjeragbolten and Sleeping on a Cliff

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Hiking in the mountains is my favorite kind of vacation. And the mountains in Norway are spectacular. They seem quite geometrical to me. There are many straight lines – both horizontal and vertical. And there are also many circles and ovals where wind and nature have shaped rocks. And Kjeragbolten is a combination of both these trends – it is a circular rock wedged between two straight almost 1000 m high mountain walls. This is an epic destination for a hike.

It is easily reachable from Stavanger, one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. If you aren’t going on your own, you can join one of the multiple tours going there each day.

This is also a popular spot for base jumping. Before hiking to the rock, we went to Lysebotn town to have a picnic and check out the view of the fjord and jumpers.

For our hike the plan was to get up there in the evening, when there are fewer other tourists, to fully enjoy the place. And then to stay the night. On a cliff. Next to a fall of 1000 m mountain wall. And bring tents and all the other equipment with us.

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Hiking to Kjeragbolten

It is estimated that the hike should take around 2,5 h in one direction. The starting point is a cafe, but everything gets wild very fast. In the first few hundred meters, the climb on the straight stone mountains is so steep that there are rows of chains for support.

The hike doesn’t get any easier when you have overcome the first mountain because there are three mountains separating Kjeragbotlen from the starting point. So it is necessary to be prepared for a challenging hike:

  • Check the weather forecasts, because it will be quite hard to finish the hike in wet weather;
  • Take water and some snacks with you to keep you going for hours;
  • The hike can be made in solid hiking boots, because of the wet/steep/muddy surface.

Sleeping on a cliff

Weather changes quickly in the mountains. After the first pictures on the famous rock, it slowly started to rain. And then rain some more. And then the wind and fog started. As the result, our tents seemed quite fragile on the top of the mountain. We tried to enforce them by tying rocks to keep them on the ground.

This was one of the most terrifying nights of my life. But also a night to remember. Great adventure, but I’ll try not to sleep on the very top of the cliff the next time.

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Hiking from Kjeragbolten

When the weather is wet, it is quite slippery to hike in the mountains of Norway. The reason is the smooth stone surface, which is quite steep as well.

But luckily the weather in the mountains can change quickly to the best as well. Not long after we started our way back from the Kjeragbolten the fog was gone. It is truly beautiful to see the contrasts from the top of the mountains – grey stone, green grass in the valley, blue water in the fjord. My only suggestion for coming back from Kjeragbolten is to enjoy the surrounding magnificence.

Top tours to Kjeragbolten

If you prefer to get an organized tour, check out these popular tours to the Kjeragbolten:

Your turn:

What is the most beautiful hike that you have enjoyed? What would you choose – to go all the way in one day or stay the night in such a wild and magnificent place?

9 thoughts on “Hike to Kjeragbolten and Sleeping on a Cliff”

  1. Hi Una, this is a great idea. I do a lot of nature related activities during my travels and this one is definitely making my list.
    I think you could also include a good starting point for the hike as well as the best time of year to go.
    All of the pictures are stunning. I felt like I was on that cliff with you.

    1. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as rumored. We traveled Norway for a week in a group, experienced a lot of amazing hikes (sleeping in tents), took some food with us from our home country. My Norway trip cost me only around 500 Eur for a week.

  2. Awesome! I really would love to get on that top and take in the view!
    Recently hiked Tongariro in New Zealand and it was simply amazing . I’d never been a hike lover Until a few years ago, but Kilimanjaro finally convinced me! Definitely putting. This in my list ( just hoping for fair weather when I do haha)

  3. Amy Poulton - Page Traveller

    This is so cool (literally – this also looks pretty cold haha!). I’d really love to visit Norway and love the idea of camping on the edge of a cliff! Thanks for sharing.

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