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Tenerife is a great getaway during the cold months of the year. It is one of the Canary Islands, located near the coasts of Africa, so the weather is quite warm there for the whole year. And as a bonus, it is a part of Spain and the currency there is Euro.

Southside usually is a better choice for a stay

There are two airports on the island, and you might be wondering, which one you should choose. In my experience, the south of the island might be a bit better choice. It is warmer during the cold months, and there are nice towns for staying near the airport. However, if you are ready for a bit more wet and colder weather, the north side is the right choice for you. It is greener and boasts epic views from the mountains.

Tips for traveling to Tenerife

Best view of a sunset is from Teide volcano

In the days with fewer clouds around the island, it is a great idea to go to Teide volcano to watch a sunset. The roads surrounding the base of the volcano have several parking places for landscape lovers. It is possible to take some food with you and have a picnic while the orange light from the sunset reflects in the foreign-looking volcano.

Tips for traveling to Tenerife

Beat the crowds at Siam Park

According to Trip Advisor, Siam Park is one of the best water parks in the world. According to me – it is so much fun! There are a lot of attractions like a beach with waves, the long river flowing through the whole park, and awesome water slides. It is possible to buy tickets to Siam Park online so that you wouldn’t have to stay in the line. And if you are interested in animals as well, it is a wise idea to get the combined ticket to Siam Park and Loro Park.

Tips for traveling to Tenerife

Sand is black on beaches

Tenerife has a volcanic origin, and all of its beaches (except one) are black-sanded. This gives quite an exotic feeling but is no place for a white towel and bikini.

Tips for traveling to Tenerife

You need to take a lot of water when going on hikes

I am a big fan of getting to know a foreign country by going on a hike there. In Tenerife there are some great options for hiking, for example, you can climb on Teide volcano or go down in Masca valley. However, you need to remember to take enough water with you. The weather can get quite hot in the Canary Islands, and usually, there is no option to fill up your water bottle with a clean drinking water along the way.

Top tours in Tenerife

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