How Do I Convince My Boyfriend to Go On Vacation

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Sometimes a romantic weekend getaway with your beau can be all you need for a little pick-me-up.

However, there may be multiple reasons why your partner might be reluctant to travel. From work to family issues to health problems, anything can be a barrier between you and a perfect vacation.

But if you know that a short trip may be the solution to your favorite person’s gloomy mood, read on to learn how to convince your boyfriend to go on a vacation with you.

How Do I Convince My Boyfriend to Go On Vacation
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Steps to Convincing Your Boyfriend to Go on a Romantic Holiday

Here are some steps that you can try to interest your boyfriend to go on a trip with you.

Talk to Him

As with everything in a relationship, planning a vacation requires a discussion between the two people. Even if you are planning the trip as a surprise, talk to your beau to find out if he would be inclined to travel. If you plan the trip to cheer him up, then first have a conversation about why he is sad, try to solve the real issue, and then go on such trips only if you know it is exactly what he needs.

Only through conversation can you figure out if he is a hill station or a beach person. Ask him about his ideal destination and plan the trip accordingly.

Tell Him Why the Trip Is a Good Idea

This includes discussing the perks of the place, like the sights, weather, and fun activities you can do. Get him infected with the travel bug and tell him which aspects of the trip excite you and which ones interest him. If your partner has been working long hours for days, tell him how refreshing and relaxing the outdoors will be. 

Plan Something for Both of You

You can plan small romantic getaways to excite him and give both of you a break from work. While planning the trip, always make sure that you include activities that excite both of you. He will never be open to new adventures if he is dragged along for the activities that only you enjoy. Instead, include him in the planning process and think of activities that will allow you to spend time together. You can also talk to his closest friends and family to learn about his interests and activities he used to enjoy in the past and plan your vacation around them.

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If he is reluctant to go on a long vacation, take him on a romantic getaway instead. If he is unwilling to go because he is too busy working, you can do all the planning for the trip. If you want to go on a trek, but he doesn’t want to walk for days, go hiking instead. The key is finding out what your partner loves and planning the trip around it if you like the same activity.

If coming to a compromise allows both of you to have a great time, do not waste time fighting for one thing or the other; find common ground within both your comfort zones and make the trip memorable for both of you.

Prepare a Budget 

Often, the obstacle between you and a great vacation can be a financial burden. If the potential expense stops your partner from going on trips, you can look for some deals or tour packages that fit your budget. Moreover, it is a good idea to have a vacation fund or a joint account where both of you contribute towards a good vacation that you can take once a year.

Give Him an Outside Stimulus

Show him pictures of your friends and family having great times on their vacations. Once you tell him about the fun others are having, the fear of missing out might just do the trick. You can also ask your friends about the budget for their vacations, and they might tell you about the deals and packages they found.

Start Small Like a Weekend Getaway

If your travel-reluctant partner agrees to go on a vacation, do not go overboard with an overseas trip for his first trip. Start small, like a weekend getaway that could be a staycation in a cottage, an all-inclusive resort stay, or a camping trip to a well-known campsite

You can gradually move on to the bigger adventures as your partner warms up to traveling and comes out of their comfort zone. However, as the travel lover in the relationship, be willing to plan everything for the first couple of trips.

Tips for Making Your Boyfriend’s First Trip Memorable

The hard part of this entire ordeal is convincing your boyfriend or life partner to go on a vacation with you. Once you get that done, here are some things you can do to ensure he has a lovely vacation.

Plan a Romantic Date

No matter where you go, a romantic date can go a long way toward significantly improving your partner’s mood and setting the scene for the whole trip. A date can be anything, from a candlelit dinner at the beach to long strolls on a starry night. Make your partner feel special, and let him know that he means the world to you. 

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Do Activities Together and Alone

While the whole point of vacationing together is doing fun activities together, if you want to, take some time to do activities alone. Just because you are together doesn’t mean your interests will be the same. If you find different activities that interest either of you, allow your partner to do them independently rather than reluctantly joining in. Sometimes you might have traveled with your other friends and want to do something with them. In such situations, allow both yourself and your partner the space to have fun independently of each other. This makes the relationship healthier and allows you to grow as individuals and partners.

Make Plans for More Trips in the Future

Once you’ve successfully infected your partner with the travel bug, it will be hard to get rid of it. Make plans for trips every three months, or whatever timeline works with your schedule and budget. Visit new places and plan for longer trips outside the city or even the country once you can. Plan your new adventure in a way that provides rest from work and helps you relax with your favorite person. 

Be Open to Spontaneity

Several things may not go according to plan when you are vacationing. In such cases, you should be calm and remember that you are the travel veteran here and lead the way, even if the way just means going with the flow. No matter how much you plan and get down to the nitty-gritty details, something may eventually go wrong, so be open to spontaneity and having fun on the fly. 

The trip’s main aim is to have fun, even if it means changing plans mid-way. The important thing is that you are together, and every moment you spend together will be special in its own way.


Can a vacation fix my relationship?

You should always set realistic goals and not use vacations or a trip together as a band-aid for a broken relationship. If you are having problems as a couple, the first and most effective solution is talking it out. While the change in scenery and fresh air might help your moods, a trip alone will not solve your problems unless you take real steps to fix your relationship. Being alone, away from any responsibility and stress, will allow you to communicate better and give you space to work through the problems in your relationship.

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What should I do if my partner is still hesitant about traveling?

Despite your best efforts, if your boyfriend or husband is still hesitant about traveling, you should wait it out. He will likely open up about his reasons eventually, but until then, you can support him and let him know that no matter what he decides, you will be there for him. He might even come around on his own after some time.


It might be hard to convince your partner to go on a vacation with you and plan trips with him if he is not a travel lover. However, as with most things in a relationship, talk to your partner about his reluctance and work together to find a travel plan and destination that suit your needs and allow both of you to have the most fun.

Start small with weekend getaways and staycations so your partner opens up to traveling and vacationing. You can also plan your budget and save for your future vacations together.

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