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Top 11 Reasons to Visit Finland in 2024

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Finland is a gorgeous country in northern Europe that is often overlooked by tourists.

If you’re looking for an amazing travel destination off the beaten path to add to your bucketlist, look no further than Finland.

I’ve visited Helsinki on numerous business trips, and have ventured to some more remote parts of the country as well. From personal experience, I can say that Finland is safe, beautiful, and a bit lesser-known destination in Europe.

So without any further ado, here are the reasons why you should visit Finland if you have a chance!

The stunning natural landscapes

bird's eye view photography of asphalt road in between pine trees
Karisalmi Bridge, Finland

Finland is a nature lover’s paradise. From its sprawling lakes to its dense forests, the country is teeming with stunning natural landscapes.

In fact, Finland is one of the few places in Europe where you can still find large tracts of wilderness. This makes it the perfect destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

And with its abundance of lakes, Finland is also a haven for water lovers.

Whether you’re looking to swim, fish, or simply take in the beautiful scenery, Finland’s lakes are sure to impress.

So if you’re searching for a place to get away from it all, be sure to add Finland to your list.

White nights in summer

man in black jacket sitting on brown wooden bench near lake during daytime
Pääjärvi, Finland

If you’ve never been kept up all night by the sun, you may be interested in experiencing the phenomenon of the “white night.” This natural light show occurs in Finland during the summer months when the sun remains visible for 24 hours a day.

The result is a never-ending daylight that can be both disorienting and exhilarating.

While the white nights may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors around the clock.

Northern lights

northern light at night
Ylläsjärvi, Finland

For anyone who has ever dreamed of seeing the northern lights, Finland is the perfect destination. This far-flung country offers endless opportunities to view this natural wonder, whether you’re chasing the lights on a winter expedition or taking in the show from the comfort of your hotel room.

In addition to its geographical position, Finland boasts some of the most advanced technology in the world for observing and photographing the northern lights.

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So whether you’re a seasoned aurora hunter or a first-time viewer, Finland is sure to offer an unforgettable experience.

Great choice of national parks

selective focus photography of butte
Riisitunturi National Park, Finland

Finland is a land of forests and lakes, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers. In fact, over one-third of the country is covered in forest, and there are 187,888 lakes to explore.

Not surprisingly, Finland is home to a number of national parks, each with its own unique beauty.

For example, Syöte National Park is located in Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland regions and offers stunning views of the snow-capped mountains.

Likewise, Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park is known for its rolling hills and picturesque lakes.

So whether you’re looking for breathtaking scenery or a chance to get away from it all, Finland’s national parks are sure to disappoint.

Rich culture and history

Sibelius Monument
Sibelius Monument, Helsinki, Finland

Finland is a land of contrasts, where East meets West and old traditions live side by side with cutting-edge design. The country has a rich culture and history, which is reflected in its art, architecture, music, and cuisine.

You can find several impressive museums in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. For example, the Ateneum Art Museum is home to one of the largest collections of art in Scandinavia.

Or, if you’re interested in Finnish architecture, be sure to check out the Helsinki Cathedral, which is one of the most iconic buildings in the city.

Plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy

Woman taking an ice bath in frozen sea
Woman taking an ice bath in frozen sea in Espoo, Finland

Finland is a land of contrasts, where tall mountains and pristine rivers meet the unique Finnish archipelago. With its diverse landscape, Finland offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers.

In winter, you can hit the slopes at one of Finland’s many ski resorts, or go cross-country skiing through snow-covered forests. If you’re looking for something a little different, you can even try ice fishing or reindeer sledding.

And in summer, you can enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, canoeing, and cycling.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Finland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Sauna culture

a person pouring water into a glass

Finland is famous for its saunas, and for good reason. Saunas are an integral part of Finnish culture and can be found in nearly every home.

In fact, there are more saunas than cars in Finland!

Not only are saunas a great way to relax, but they also have numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that regular sauna use can improve cardiovascular health, relieve pain, and even reduce the risk of dementia.

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So if you’re looking for a reason to visit Finland, be sure to experience the country’s unique sauna culture!

Delicious food and drinks 

soup in black ceramic bowl
Scallops with Garlic Sage Browned Butter, Potato Puree, and Lime Cubes in Helsinki, Finland

Finland is best known for its pristine natural beauty, but it also boasts a food and drink scene worthy of exploration.

For the adventurous eater, Finnish fare offers a variety of unusual delicacies, such as reindeer meat and cloudberries.

But even the most die-hard traditionalist will find something to love in Finnish cuisine, thanks to its focus on fresh, local ingredients.

And of course, no discussion of Finnish food would be complete without mention of Helsinki’s world-renowned coffee culture. With its numerous cafes and coffee shops, Helsinki is the perfect place to indulge in a delicious cup of coffee or tea.

So whether you’re looking for an adventure or simply a delicious meal, Finland is sure to please.

Modern cities with plenty of attractions 

buildings and body of water during day
Tampere was at the forefront of Finland’s industrial revolution in the 19th century, with its textile mills often drawing comparisons to Manchester in the UK.

Finland is a country that often gets overlooked. It’s nestled between more popular travel destinations, and it doesn’t have the same name recognition as some of its neighbors.

But Finland is well worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for a modern city with plenty of attractions. The capital, Helsinki, is home to world-class museums, towering skyscrapers, and lively nightlife.

And if you’re looking for a more traditional Finnish experience, you can head to one of the smaller cities or towns dotted across the countryside.

With its mix of old and new, Finland has something to offer everyone. So if you’re looking for an underrated travel destination, be sure to add Finland to your list.

Well-developed infrastructure

green and yellow city tram
Helsinki, Finland

Finland is a land of contrasts, where the harsh wintery weather is offset by the country’s well-developed infrastructure. In Finland, you’ll find that the roads are well maintained and the public transport system is reliable.

And if you’re visiting during the winter, you’ll be happy to know that the country’s airports are equipped with state-of-the-art snow removal equipment.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy a winter wonderland or take in the summer sun, Finland is a great choice for your next vacation.

Santa Claus Village

a cabin in the woods is lit up with christmas lights
The Santa Claus Village and Santa Park in Rovaniemi offer unique experiences like meeting Santa, crossing the Arctic Circle line, and enjoying various Christmas-themed activities and attractions.

Santa Claus Village is a top reason to visit Finland, especially if you have kids. It’s located in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, near the Arctic Circle. And yes, it really is where Santa Claus lives!

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The village has Santa’s office, where you can send letters, meet Santa Claus himself, and even get your own personalized certificate. There’s also a post office, several restaurants, an Elf School, and a Christmas theme park. In other words, everything you need for a magical Christmas experience.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, keep in mind that the North Pole is only a short reindeer ride away from Santa Claus village.

Safe and welcoming environment

white boat on the body of water photograph
Helsinki, Finland

If you’re looking for a safe and inviting place to travel, Finland should be at the top of your list. Not only is the country extremely safe, but the people are also incredibly friendly and welcoming. In fact, Finnish culture is built around the concept of sisu, which refers to a kind of inner strength and fortitude.

This spirit of sisu can be seen in everything from the way Finnish people tackle challenges to the way they welcome visitors into their homes.

So if you’re looking for a place where you can feel safe and accepted, be sure to add Finland to your travel list. You won’t be disappointed.

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