11 Best European City Breaks Not to Miss This Spring

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Spring is the perfect time for a European city break. Nature is waking up from winter, cities are blooming, and the temperatures are warming up for the summer. In addition, in many cities spring is not yet a high season, so you might get to see some popular attractions without the usual tourist masses.

I have reached out to other bloggers and asked them to recommend a European city that would be great for a quick visit during the springtime. Below you will find some tips on what to see in each city and what is unique there only in spring.

Gdansk, Poland

a building with a clock on the side of it next to a body of water
Gdansk, Poland

Nestled on the Baltic coast, Gdansk is Poland’s maritime gem, radiating with a rich history and architectural splendor. Often overlooked, this harbor city is a treasure trove waiting to be explored during the fresh bloom of spring.

An itinerary for 2 days in Gdansk should begin at the Royal Way, boasting colorful burgher houses, which leads to the magnificent Green Gate and the historic Long Market. As the days grow longer, delight in a peaceful stroll alongside the Motlawa River, watching the golden reflections of amber shops shimmering on the water’s surface. A visit to the European Solidarity Centre educates about the city’s fight for freedom during the communist era.

Spring is also perfect for beach trips; while it might be brisk, Sopot, a neighboring seaside town, offers stunning Baltic views.

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Paris, France

Paris, France

The entire city of Paris is in bloom during spring, making it one of the most beautiful times of year to visit!

The Eiffel Tower is absolutely lovely during springtime, with pink cherry blossoms in bloom all around it. The garden behind Notre Dame is filled with beautiful flowers too. If you want to spend a spring day like real Parisians do, head to Jardin du Luxembourg and relax in a green lawn chair to do some people-watching or read a book. If you want to get some exercise, a nice stroll or bike ride along the Seine is the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

And finally, the sidewalk cafe culture of Paris really comes alive during spring. The days get longer and the weather gets warmer, making it the perfect time to sit down for a few hours at an outdoor sidewalk cafe for a long lunch or dinner.

Suggested by Dale at Wander Her Way – 12 things to do in Paris when it rains

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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Experienced tourists know that the best time to visit an unforgettable and romantic city of Budapest is in spring when nature awakens from sleep, the flowers are in bloom, and the prices still remain at the same level as in winter.

So what to do and see in Budapest? First of all, look around. The architecture in Budapest is very beautiful: bridges, turrets, columns, balconies with stucco. With that being said, the Parliament is well worth visiting! Be sure to walk towards it on the waterfront. Visiting inside of the Parliament is also possible but on certain days. The best place for taking pictures of the night Parliament is from Buda side. Overall, the whole city is beautifully illuminated at night, and in spring it is the perfect time for exploring as the weather is warm but the city is still not overcrowded with tourists.

Climb Gellert Hill, which is the best panoramic site in the city. If you are looking to explore interiors and paintings, the whole complex of the Buda Castle is at your service. There is also the Royal Palace, which houses several museums, the magnificent church of St. Matthias, and the romantic Fisherman’s Bastion. You can walk up to the fortress on foot or use a funicular, which was built in 1870.

Budapest is also one of the best cities to live in for digital nomads if you decide to stay longer.

Suggested by Inna from the Executive Thrillseeker

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in spring is a great destination. Spring is still considered a low season which means cheaper hotel and attraction prices. But the weather in the spring months is already getting quite warm on the shores of the Adriatic sea. You might not be able to swim there yet, but you might expect the sun warming your face during walks in a really nice way.

There are many great things to do in Dubrovnik, and visiting in spring means that you could get to experience them without crowds of other tourists. Also, the great spring temperature might allow you to stroll freely among the charming buildings of the Old Town or even hike up Mount Srd for the panoramic views without sweating from the heat.

One thing that you have to pay attention to when visiting Dubrovnik in spring is the opening hours of the attractions. In the low season some of the popular museums and other places of interest might have a shortened workday, so check them out online before arriving.

Consider also staying a bit longer in Dubrovnik and going on day trips from Dubrovnik to the nearby countries, islands, and Croatian cities to see the most of what the region has to offer.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I got the distinct feeling during my stay at Sarajevo—the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina—that the city (and its people) had little idea about how gorgeous it was. How decrepitly, understatedly, and insanely, gorgeous.

And spring is the best season to see Sarajevo—located beside the Miljacka River, and surrounded by the Dinaric Alps—in all its stark beauty. The marketplace in the Old Town—Bašcaršija—comes fully alive with hookah bars, vendors, cafes, eateries—both ancient and quaint, as well as new and hip. Even the pigeons are out in full force around Sebilj, a pseudo-Moorish fountain at the market square. Only in spring, when everything is out in the open, do you experience what a melting pot of cultures the city is: Ottoman, Austrian, Hungarian, Slavic, Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic, and Jewish. Whew!

Don’t forget to visit the Latin Bridge, where the shooting of the archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, sparked World War 1, or marvel at the Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque on a clear, full moon night. Go on a war tour to understand the country’s painful history with civil war and its leftovers. Visit the Olympic rink and walk along the Bobsleigh Track in the Trebević mountains. On a spring day, the walk in-between the lush trees is peaceful, meditative almost. Although once you’ve noticed the bullet holes on the walls you are walking past, it’s no longer so. At night, go back to Bašcaršija and gorge on Ćevapčići and dunk shots of rakija whilst enjoying the crisp spring air and the excited chatter amongst people around you.

Suggested by Smita Bhattacharya – 48 hours in Sarajevo

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Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain

I think everyone hopes to chase the sun during spring break. Malaga will be your first option on the bucket list of destinations.

The Spring in Malaga and in all the Costa del Sol seems to arrive in early March with the temperature that is going up to 15-20 degrees. Malaga is in southern Spain, in the part of Costa del Sol, with more than 300 days of Sun per year. It makes it the perfect place to spend the spring break.

From March on you will see already people on the beach, and the main one, Malagueta will be really crowded already. Malaga is one of the biggest cities on the coast of Spain, facing directly the African Coast of Marrocco. The climate conditions and the cheap life is making it not just a destination for spring break and summer lovers, but even for backpackers and nomads, looking at the slow lifestyle, beach, and relaxing days.

Must to see in your spring break the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Castle, where to enjoy the view. At the sunset, enjoy a tapas aperitif on the beach at one of the many ciringuitos on the seaside.

There are many options for accommodation, even for a weekend. The prices are really cheap, which makes Malaga one of the best options in Europe to spend your Spring Holidays.

Suggested by Toti from Italian Trip Abroad – Best beaches in Malaga

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe to be visited during the springtime. The weather is quite nice then, days are longer and there are many sunny days.

However, it’s also the time when the famous Dutch tulips are blossoming. Tulip Festival is organized each year in Amsterdam during April and you can see many of those beautiful flowers in different locations around the city.

Amsterdam is also famous for its canals and springtime is perfect to take a boat cruise around them. You can rent out your own boat and enjoy them in a more private way. Or, take one of the organized canal tours.

Vondelpark, the largest park in Amsterdam, is one of the favorite places of many locals, and you’re going to see many people having picnics and enjoying having barbecues there.

Besides those spring activities, Amsterdam is filled with some amazing museums. Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum are the most famous ones, and if you’re an art lover, be sure to visit them.

Strolling around its cobbled streets, exploring some of its canal houses, and trying some Dutch stroopwafels are some other things, you shouldn’t miss while in Amsterdam.

Suggested by Tea from the Culture Tourist – The ultimate travel guide to Amsterdam

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Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

For my money, Vaduz makes an unbeatable spring getaway, especially for a weekend escape. Liechtenstein has a real fairytale quality, with historic streets and castles that look like Rapunzel has just popped out the back to wash her hair.

And Vaduz can also be considered one of the hidden gems in Europe, so there won’t be as many tourists creating crowds.

Vaduz Castle, perched high on a hilltop, looks best in spring, with vibrant greens all around it – and it’s ideal for a picnic.

This micro country has fabulous royal vineyards, but in summer you might sweat between the vines. In spring you’ll watch things ripen, insects buzz gently, and be able to keep cool in the shade.

Cafe culture is strong here, so take advantage of spring’s gentle sunshine and a light breeze to have your meals outside or jump on a bike. The city has a unique bridge that won’t accept cars but will take passengers on two wheels over its border.

There’s so much more to see as well, with easy links to other spots on the continent, Vaduz is a perfect start to your springtime escape.

Suggested by Danni Live in 10 Countries – What to see in Liechtenstein

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Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Madrid in the spring is gorgeous – the weather is the epitome of pleasant after 6 months of not-freezing-but-still-not-comfortable weather, so the whole city is out and about enjoying the Spanish sunshine. It’s a great time of year to see everything that Madrid has to offer, like its historical buildings, huge parks, and ancient streets.

My number one suggestion is? Retiro Park. It’s a healthy mixture of both locals and tourists, and it’s so peaceful that you’ll forget how much is going on. There are classes, study groups, joggers, dogs, friends just hanging out and having a picnic…the opportunities are endless.

Go deep enough into the park and you’ll find a lake in front of a huge, beautiful Monument for Alfonso XII. When the weather’s nice, you can rent a rowboat and hang out on the water, with the sounds of birds chirping, people chatting, and accordions playing. It’s a magical experience, one that you can only find in Madrid in spring!

Suggested by Jamie from Crashed Culture.

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Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine is one of the best cities in Europe to visit in spring. I have spent a lot of time there at various times of the year and there is something so magical about the transition of winter into spring and the flowers starting to come into bloom.

There are so many things to do in Kyiv and springtime is one of the best times to do them. There are so many festivals during the spring such as Maslenitsa that Ukrainians love to celebrate and foreigners love to witness.

Kyiv has loads of parks that you can enjoy yourself in and the parks in and around the Dnieper are starting to fill up with locals. Check out Holosiivskyi Park, a large nature area that can be reached by the Kyiv Metro and starts to really come to life during the springtime.

You can go for a jog, walk the trails, or just enjoy the day away from the hustle and bustle of the Ukrainian capital city.

Suggested by Megan from Meganstarr – Things to do in Kyiv, Ukraine

Berlin, Germany

Spring is finally here, and that means it’s time to break out of your winter hibernation and explore all that Berlin has to offer. From blossoming parks to outdoor markets, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy in the city. Here are a few of our favorites:

First, take a stroll through one of Berlin’s many parks. As the flowers start to bloom, the parks are filled with color and life. Grab a coffee and a pastry from a nearby cafe and enjoy a leisurely walk.

If you’re looking for something a little more active, consider renting a bike and exploring Berlin on two wheels. There are several bike rental companies around the city, so you can easily find one that suits your budget and needs.

Which is your favorite city to visit in spring?

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