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Travel Christmas ornaments are great as they look great on a Christmas tree and remind us of travel – either from the previous year or the future travel planned ahead. From globes to planes, many travel-themed everyday objects can be found as Christmas tree decorations. Check out this post to find the travel ornament that ignites your wanderlust!

12 Beautiful Travel Christmas Ornaments

US Passport Ornament

Perfect ornament for any traveler who often uses a US passport for international travel, but is stuck at home this Christmas.

Bon Voyage Suitcase Ornament

A red suitcase with golden straps is a great representation of travel. This ornament is made of glass and will look nice on any avid traveler’s Christmas tree.

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USA License Plate Map Ornament

Adorable ornament featuring license plates from all US states. This would be a perfect gift for someone who loves going on road trips in the USA.

Old World Map Globe Ornament

Decorated with an old world map, this ornament would be interesting both to travelers and history lovers. The form is classically round, so it will fit perfectly among other Christmas ornaments.

Travel Luggage Ornament

Cute luggage ornament with symbols of these places on it: Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Paris, New York, Hawaii, Italy. Reviewers report this to be of great quality, so you can give this to your fancy travel-loving friends as a nice gift.

Globe with Airplane Christmas Ornament

Quite a big ornament made of glass. It has vibrant colors and will stand out on your Christmas tree.

Camper Ornament with Christmas Tree

If you like camping or the airstream aesthetics, this one is great for you. It comes with its own small Christmas tree. You can light it up from the inside (unfortunately the outside Christmas lights do not light up).

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Stacked World Signs With Globe Ornament

Do you know someone whose motto could be “See the World”? Then this might be just the perfect gift for them. It’s cute, with a globe and signs to different cities, and will make a great Christmas tree decoration.

Cruise Ship Christmas Ornament

Cruise ship ornament is a great way to keep in memory a nice cruise ship journey that has happened in the previous year, or maybe gift it together with an actual ticket to a cruise to give something physical together with a gift of travel. Either way, there is some blank space on the other side of the ship for you to write what is the meaning of this ornament.

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Decorative Globe Ornament

This globe, again, is not a precise map but comes from the age of exploration. It would be a fun gift to someone who loves to explore or is interested in history. It looks classic and the countries are clearly marked, so it would eb a nice addition to any Christmas tree.

Always Take The Scenic Route Ornament

This ornament is for hikers and explorers who love to find a new path and enjoy nature by walking through it on foot. Made of wood, this ornament is not fragile and would be perfect for families with kids or pets.

Commercial Airliner Christmas Decoration

The cool airliner that can hang on the Christmas tree and remind of a plane flight taken in the previous year or a promise of a trip in the next one. Cool addition if you are giving plane tickets as a Christmas gift.