9 Staycation Ideas For Families With Kids

Do you need some downtime as a family, but don’t have an option to go on a fancy vacation somewhere far away? Then you’re in luck as staycations are getting more popular. In times when we need to be socially distanced having a staycation has become a norm. But you don’t have to be sad […]

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Ways to Give a Holiday as a Gift

For those of us who love to travel there is no better gift than the travel itself. Sure, things that enhance our travel experiences are great, but being whisked away on a journey is better. But how do you give a holiday as a gift? It’s not like you can just say that there are […]

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15 Staycation Ideas For Singles

Picture this. You have a vacation. You get to do all the things you like in the way you enjoy the most. You don’t have to wait for anybody, don’t have to compromise when making plans for the day, and no one is complaining that something you have chosen to do is boring. And the […]

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What to Pack for the Beach Vacation

Going to a beach and you want to be prepared? Check out this guide on what to pack for a perfect day at a beach. Below you’ll find some obvious items for going to a beach and something that you might have otherwise forgotten. You can use the checklist below either for a quick day […]

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How to Learn German for Free

Learn German for free with Duolingo

Do you know a second language? German is a great language to learn if you already know English. In this post, you’ll get a glimpse into how it is to learn German on Duolingo and whether it’s worth your time. When you are traveling to a country it’s nice to know the local language at […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers day gift guide

Want to know a secret? You aren’t the only one looking for some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas. Either you want to give something special to your own mother, or searching for a nice gift to your wife and the mother of your children, here is a guide to awesome gifts for all kinds of […]

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