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If you are a travel blogger and sometimes get stuck with generating new blog post ideas, get some inspiration from this post. Here are 65 blog post title examples for travel bloggers that are not just about the last place you have visited.

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65 Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

  1. Top 5 summer holiday destinations
  2. Top 5 autumn holiday destinations
  3. Top 5 winter holiday destinations
  4. Top 5 spring holiday destinations
  5. Best destinations for couples
  6. Carry-on essentials
  7. Gift guide for a traveler
  8. Tropical destinations wishlist
  9. What to know before traveling to …
  10. The ultimate guide to …
  11. What to pack for a trip to …
  12. Packing list for summer destinations
  13. Packing list for winter destinations
  14. Packing hacks
  15. How to travel with children
  16. How to travel with pets
  17. How to plan a trip with a big group
  18. How to organize your travel bag
  19. Top things to do in …
  20. The most Instagrammable spots in …(city)
  21. The best travel apps
  22. The best travel books
  23. Travel Instagram accounts you should follow
  24. Travel blogs you should read
  25. Guide about how to save while traveling
  26. Guide about how to plan a trip
  27. Guide about how to survive a long-haul flight
  28. How not to get bored on long layovers/transfers
  29. Travel hacks on how to book cheap flights
  30. Travel hacks on how to book cheap hotels
  31. Budget destinations in … (area/continent)
  32. Best internet shops to bug travel equipment
  33. How to take travel photos
  34. How to use a phone to get the best travel photos
  35. Best travel cameras
  36. Your favorite travel-related gadgets
  37. Travel essentials you can’t live without
  38. Travel items you don’t actually need
  39. Tips for road trips
  40. The best/healthiest travel snacks
  41. Where to stay in … (destination)
  42. Advice for solo travelers
  43. Travel mistakes to avoid
  44. The first-timers guide to … (destination)
  45. Travel scams in … (destination)
  46. 10 best destinations for the first-time backpackers
  47. Best exercises to do on a plane
  48. Best exercises to do in a hotel
  49. How to stay healthy while traveling
  50. How to stay on a diet while traveling
  51. The most underrated beaches/destinations/cities/etc.
  52. Top free things to do in … (destination)
  53. Top restaurants in … (destination)
  54. 10 things not to miss in … (destination)
  55. A photo diary of … (destination)
  56. How to travel safely in … (destination)
  57. How to see … (destination) on a budget
  58. The ultimate checklist when choosing a travel insurance
  59. 10 best off the beaten path spots in … (destination)
  60. 10 surprising facts about … (destination)
  61. The best things to see in … (destination) in … (month)
  62. Best things to do in … (destination) in … (season)
  63. Interview with a travel blogger
  64. Your favorite travel quotes
  65. The most delicious foods in … (destination)
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Free blogging resources you must try

Pixabay – free stock images for a wide variety of topics. I use them for non-destination specific posts where I just need a pretty featured picture, and for social media as well.

Tailwind – the tool I use for scheduling my pins for Pinterest. There is a free trial of 100 pins on Pinterest, and 30 posts on Instagram, so it’s easy to check it out and see if it suits your needs.

Canva – the easiest graphic design tool to create images for each social media platform. It offers free templates and built-in image sizes for the biggest platforms, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to design beautiful designs that attract potential readers to your blog.

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Skimlinks – the easiest way how to monetize a travel blog. Just install their plug-in and then you can mention many products and services which you use while traveling and the tool will automatically turn them into affiliate links. I use them to monetize links to TripAdvisor, Amazon, Expedia, Viator, and some others.