Blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

125 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

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Writers block is a real thing when it comes to writing a new blog post. Here you’ll find a lot of blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers so that your imagination can do it’s thing and help you to write your next best blog post.

In addition, I’ll chat a bit about what is a lifestyle blog and how you can make money with it.

Of course, making money with the blog is not the main goal, but it gives you motivation to write better posts to your audience so that they would return to read more. And that’s a win-win – you serve better your readers and get to use the money to upgrade your lifestyle and maybe try some things on the blog that you otherwise couldn’t afford.

What is a lifestyle blog?

There is no clear definition of what a lifestyle blog is. However, there is a general notion that a lifestyle blogger writes in multiple niches about the things that interest them or are happening in their lives.

Some of the best lifestyle bloggers thrive on documenting and curating their lives in a relatable way so that they can build a closer personal relationship with readers.

So posts on a lifestyle blog are more about you and your personality than any specific niche. You can curate wardrobe essentials, write about your travel experiences and recommendations, talk about books you’ve read, or parenting advice. Even if these are separate niches there will be an overlying theme of how it all fits together – and it will be held together with your personality and authenticity.

How do I start a lifestyle blog?

If you are new to the blogging world and want to share your lifestyle guides and experiences with others, then starting a blog is a good idea. There are many other advantages to blogging, e.g. you can have a blog as a creative outlet while watching after your children. Or you can turn your blogging business into a nice side income.

Here are basic steps for starting a blog:

How do lifestyle bloggers make money?

One of the best ways how to determine how bloggers in any niche make money is looking for their newest income reports.

Here are some of the most popular ways how lifestyle bloggers can earn money.

Display advertising

The obvious way is to show ads on your blog. It may lead to a worse experience for the readers, but this still is one of the leading ways how bloggers earn money.

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But showing ads will be a good source of income if you have a lot of traffic. If you are just beginning, showing ads will get you a few dollars a month, and in the same time will scare away the potential readers. So choose carefully the best time when to turn on the ads.

Affiliate marketing

Chances are, you’ll be blogging about some products that you use. These can be anything – what you use in your make-up routine, which is your favorite camera for travel, or what kind of cushions have you chosen for your sofa. When you talk about products, you can add a link to them so that your readers can but the products as well. Make the link traceable to you and this is affiliate marketing.

It’s a win-win. Your readers can buy the thing that they see on your blog and want to use as well. There is no extra cost for them. You get a small commission for recommending the thing. And the creator of the product gets to sell more of their product.

You can consciously craft your blog posts to be suitable for affiliate marketing. Here are some blog post types that do well with selling products.

And here you can check out some of the most popular affiliate platforms where you can sign up to be an affiliate and promote products to your readers.

And don’t forget to disclaim to your readers that the products in your blog posts have affiliate links!

If you have a bit more established blog you can collaborate with brands. Sponsored posts are what they sound like – a brand pays you to include their product in your blog post.

This collaboration can come in different ways. Some brands offer you a free product in exchange for you writing about it. Other brands pay you for creating the blog post as well.

Own products

You can create your own products to mention on your blog and sell to your readers.

These can be either digital or physical.

You can create eBooks or printables for just about anything – planners, checklists, recipes, itineraries, budgeting, and so on.

And you can also create designs for T-shirts, bracelets, mugs, and other merchandise.

What should I post on my lifestyle blog?

Here are blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs that will be a good inspiration for your next post:

  1. How to declutter and organize your home
  2. 10 easy and healthy meal prep ideas
  3. How to create a self-care routine
  4. Tips for saving money and budgeting
  5. The benefits of traveling solo
  6. Ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine
  7. A guide to natural skincare products
  8. How to create a successful morning routine
  9. The best ways to stay fit and active at home
  10. A list of affordable and sustainable fashion brands
  11. How to start a garden, even if you have a small space
  12. Tips for improving your mental health
  13. The benefits of learning a new hobby or skill
  14. How to create a successful work-life balance
  15. A guide to finding your personal style
  16. Ideas for hosting a successful dinner party on a budget
  17. Tips for creating a beautiful and functional home office space
  18. Ways to reduce waste and live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle
  19. A list of the best podcasts for personal growth and development
  20. Ideas for fun and unique date nights at home
  21. Ideas for staying healthy during cold and flu season
  22. A guide to meal planning for busy weeks
  23. Tips for creating a successful daily routine
  24. Ideas for healthy and delicious lunches to pack for work or school
  25. A list of the best books for personal development and growth
  26. How to create a relaxing bedtime routine
  27. Ideas for fun and affordable weekend getaways
  28. Tips for managing stress and anxiety
  29. A guide to creating a successful budget and saving money
  30. Ideas for finding and pursuing your passion
  31. The benefits of keeping a journal and how to get started
  32. A list of affordable and healthy meal delivery options
  33. Tips for staying motivated and productive at work
  34. How to create a successful exercise routine and stick to it
  35. Ideas for fun and unique date nights in your city
  36. A guide to natural remedies for common ailments
  37. Tips for creating a successful and organized home office space
  38. Ideas for staying connected and maintaining long-distance relationships
  39. A list of the best self-care and wellness retreats around the world
  40. Tips for building and maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  41. Ideas for hosting a successful dinner party on a budget
  42. Tips for improving your mental health
  43. The benefits of traveling solo
  44. How to declutter and organize your home
  45. 10 easy and healthy meal prep ideas
  46. Ways to reduce waste and live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle
  47. Ideas for fun and unique date nights at home
  48. A guide to finding your personal style
  49. How to start a garden, even if you have a small space
  50. The benefits of learning a new hobby or skill
  51. Ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine
  52. 5 Hacks how you save time
  53. What are your hobbies? How did you get interested in them?
  54. Your worst breakup story and how you recovered from it
  55. 7 things you can’t live without
  56. Clothing haul – what have you purchased this season?
  57. 24 hours in your city
  58. Your favorite beauty products right now
  59. How do you plan your vacation
  60. Your tried and tested tips for decluttering
  61. 3 people you admire and why
  62. Gift guide – what would you suggest to give on a specific occasion
  63. What’s in your bag
  64. What are your family traditions
  65. What’s on your nightstand
  66. Your favorite snacks (bonus points if they are healthy)
  67. Your favorite photo of all time and why
  68. Which activities put you in a good mood
  69. What’s on your wish-list
  70. Your go-to outfit for summer/autumn/winter/spring
  71. Give a tour of your workspace
  72. Review a book that you’ve read recently
  73. What’s in your carry-on when going on a beach vacation
  74. Favorite food roundup
  75. What’s your biggest failure and how did you overcome it
  76. How did you decorate your home
  77. Review a TV show that you’re watching now
  78. Your bedtime routine
  79. How do you save money (and which tips don’t work)
  80. Top 5 books you’ve read
  81. Your most memorable birthday
  82. Where do you see yourself in 5 years
  83. The best TV shows you’ve seen
  84. Your outfit of the day
  85. Give a tour of your wardrobe
  86. 10 things you would bring to a deserted island
  87. Your life goals and how did you set them
  88. How do you balance your work life and family life
  89. Your favorite quotes
  90. How do you dress up for a party
  91. Your proudest moment
  92. 100 things you are thankful for
  93. Your idea of a perfect day
  94. 5 Ways how you save money on groceries
  95. Why did you start a blog
  96. Your favorite go-to stores
  97. 3 Fitness routines on Youtube you have done and recommend
  98. Your morning routine
  99. Day in the life
  100. What is your dream job
  101. How do you stay organized
  102. What do you eat in a day
  103. iPhone photography tips
  104. What do you spend in a week
  105. Your biggest success in life so far and how did you achieve it
  106. Your best beauty hacks
  107. Lessons learned from your family
  108. Top 5 apps that you use on your phone
  109. Organization hacks at your house
  110. Share a list of resources that helped you to learn a certain skill
  111. What you don’t know about me
  112. What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self (or any other age a decade ago)
  113. Places you want to visit
  114. Tech devices you use and recommend
  115. Your bucketlist before 30 (or some other age)
  116. The worst tech purchases
  117. Your pets – how did you get them and what quirks do they have
  118. Your favorite travel destinations
  119. How do you relax after a long day
  120. What is your favorite foolproof recipe
  121. The best trip you’ve ever taken
  122. Your self-care routine
  123. Compare two products you have used and pick a winner
  124. How do you manage your social media
  125. What are the things you do with your friends
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These are ideas for inspiration, but you shouldn’t make the blog post titles just about yourself. Titles are meant to intrigue a potential reader to click on them and read more. Here is my favorite title generator – it can help you to craft some great headlines quite fast.

You might also find useful these lists of blog post ideas about other topics:

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